Bay Mills Health Center

330 Independence Ave SW #4760, Washington, DC 20237

Bay Mills Health Center is a wrap around clinic that providescoordinated care for all aspects of life. We are open to the public and offer extended hours to accommodate patients before and after work and eventhrough lunch. We are a patient centered medical home providing superior health services to engage you to be proactive in your well-being for a healthy community. Each department works together efficiently to create a positive experience for you and your family.

The CHS program was administered by the County Department of Social Services. From 1975 through the 1980s, with the establishment of Public Law 93-638 and P.L. 94-437, the Indian Self Determination and the Indian Health Care Improvement Acts, the tribe initiated their original health planning process. This health planning process produced a tribally developed Health Plan, hired a tribal health director, increased contract health service funds, hired a CHS coordinator, and envisioned the building and establishment of a tribal health center that would house an all-inclusive Tribal Health and Human Services system, that promoted the wrap around concept of health care delivery. Until 1978, 100% of primary health care services were contracted out.

A request submitted to Rural Health Initiative was funded in 1978, and the Whitefish Bay Medical Center of Bay Mills became a reality. The Whitefish Bay Center continued to grow throughout the1980s and 1990s, when dental programming and then behavioral health were added to the system and plans were begun to establish a pharmacy and dental lab.

The current center, The Ellen Marshall Memorial Health Center was built in 1998 and continues to provide quality services and the most comprehensive services as possible to residents of this community, surrounding townships, and throughout the county.

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