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DC Dental Spa - General dentist in Washington, DC
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We pride ourselves on the strong personal relationships we develop with our patients, and value the trust patients place in us for maintaining their overall dental health and for delivering the smile they want and deserve

Our downtown DC dental office works to accommodate your busy schedule with flexible scheduling, and our dental specials and in-house Preventative Care Club provide exceptional savings. Also we offer dental financing options that work with your budget to enable you to afford the dental care you need.

DC Dental Spa - General dentist in Washington, DC

Rex Hoang, DMD, PC, has been the president of his family-run business, DC Dental Spa, in Washington, D.C. for over 28 years, and gets great satisfaction from helping his patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.. Dr. Rex has extensive training and experience in general dentistry, periodontology, endodontology, oral surgery, dental implants, sleep apnea and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Rex earned his title of Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1990, and to stay up-to-date in the latest dental practices and technologies, Dr. Rex regularly attends continuing education courses. Recently, his continuing education took him to the Dominican Republic, where he provided dental implants to disadvantaged community members.

He believes in delivering the very best care for his patients needs while being sensitive to their comfort levels and concerns, and a love for dentistry runs in the Hoang family. Of his five children, two have joined him in the field of dentistry. Dr. Rexs son Dylan is currently pursuing dentistry in school, and Dr. Rex is looking forward to him joining the practice upon graduation.

Dr Hoang, his wife and daughter traveled to Laos and Vietnam. On this trip prepared food and money was donated to those people of need. Dr Hoangs family personally prepared the food, visited and spoke with the local communities and had a wonderful experience.

This flexible scheduling is part of our dedication to serving you, our patients. We want you to get the dental care you need, when you need it, regardless of your schedule. We know your time is valuable, and we understand that many of our patients schedules are filled with family, work and school commitments. With early morning and evening hours, we can accommodate even the busiest schedules.

Contact our downtown DC office today to take advantage of our flexible scheduling options. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is available to assess your needs, answer any questions you may have and schedule a visit that works with your busy schedule.

At DC Dental Spa, we understand that our patients have varying financial requirements, and to that end our downtown DC dental office provides several flexible payment options to ensure you can afford the dental care you need, with several options to work within your budget


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Child of the Universe
a week ago
I haven't been to the office yet. I have an appointment scheduled and the negative review really causes concern. I have dental anxiety and know I could need a significant amount of work done. It's disconcerting to see when someone has been treated unfairly when they are trusting the office and doctor to take care of you. I have had negative experiences recently with dentists. To me it sounds like dishonesty with what was promised by the dentist regarding costs and the office regarding follow up with insurance.

Haitong Du
a month ago
Dr. Rex is amazing. His team is both professional, respectful, and kind. Would highly recommend to everyone looking for a dentist in the DC area.

Olivia Loney
3 months ago
Dc Dental Spa was the most accommodating, communicative, and kind office I have ever visited. I got in touch with them last minute for a dental emergency and they worked with me to quickly resolve my issues. Erica went the extra mile to make sure I was well informed and comfortable with my dental plan. That is to say Dc Dental Spa is filled with amazingly kind people and you will not be disappointed by care you receive from this office!

blair moody
4 months ago
The dentist has great bedside mannors but the overall experience was horrible due to the condescending business manager that doesn't have blood flowing through her veins and severe price gauging by over recommending unnecessaru procedures. I originally went in to have a tooth extracted or crowns. I paid $2200 out of pocket after Cigna insurance and i still have the tooth and problems with the tooth. Later, two other dentist reviewed my xrays and said they would have never suggested a root canal because it was too deep and the procedure would not take....and they were right. Both were amazed that a root canal was recommended by any dentist with experience. My other issue was the lack of compassion and the money money money focus of the business manager. While in the dentist seat after needles in my gum and not happy, the business manger comes in to review cost, and arrogantly sells the importance and value of saving a molar and how money shouldn't be an issue to save a tooth. I just wanted her out of my face! Probably a wonderful person and bill collector but definitely not the conversation you want to have when you're in pain. I would never in a million years go there or recommend them. Do not let the "SPA" word fool you. This is anything but a spa....maybe SPAm! BLAIR MOODY

Cindy McFarland
4 months ago
I was traveling to DC for work and part of a tooth broke off. DC Dental Spa was able to get me in same day. They were so nice and accommodating. Dr. Hoang laid out all of the options for me and made a recommendation. Then they explained what my insurance covered and what I would owe before they did the work, which I appreciated. I walked away with my tooth fixed until I could get home and have my dentist put on a crown. Great experience!

Brian Bjornson
4 months ago
I would like to thank Dr. Hoang and his personable staff for getting my wife out of pain. She has had a problem with a single tooth due to trauma that happen almost 15 years ago. We went to several different specialist with no relief. It took a few visits to treat the infection and finally get the crown. She has been complaining forever and now its finally resolved. Dr Hoang is as talented and knowledgeable as any specialist put into one guy. DC Dental Spa are out of network but will be happy to help file your insurance for you. Dental insurances often do not pay out much for dentistry, and we did not really see that much of a difference for a premium service. Also, if you're not one who loves dental appointments ask Dr. Hoang what he can do to make your visit a little easier. At this point I couldn't take my family anywhere else. Thank you DC Dental Spa!!!!!

Daniel Tellez
5 months ago
Never had such an unprofessional experience at any doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc. I came in for a root canal and ended up getting the tooth cleaned out on the first visit, set up a payment plan that day with an $800 deposit, and penciled in my second visit to finish the root canal. Dr. Huang was not personable at all but he did the job fine - which is all I expect. On my second visit, Dori explained that there had been an error and they actually couldn't do payment plans, even though we had set one up already signed and everything. Their prices are higher than other dentists in the area, and I could not afford the entire work and went home. Not a few days later, the area became reinfected and I ended up needing an additional cleaning that cost me over $500+ extra. I ended up paying for the entire thing - which again I really couldn't afford and I explained that to them - just so my tooth could be saved and I could avoid the ongoing, excruciating pain. I would have fought them, as they were clearly in the wrong, but my pain was unbearable and I just needed the tooth fixed. If you are rich but don't care about getting your money's worth, then I guess this place might be for you. But for anyone else, go somewhere else where they will treat you like a human or at least justify their prices. I still have the payment plan documents in case they want to deny this.

Deborah Greenbush
6 months ago
Best dental experience of my life. I'm an extremely nervous patient & totally need sedation. Dr. Hoang was beyond kind & understanding of my phobia, providing reassurance as well as entirely comfortable experiences for my extensive dental procedures. The entire staff is warm & caring - made follow up phone calls to check on me. And of course, all my new dental work is beautiful & comfortable. I am a patient for life! Dr. Hoang is THE BEST...

Felicia Carpenter
7 months ago
Don't know if this office has changed much from when I visited some time ago. This office never billed my insurance company for services. They claimed they gave me discounted pricing. Nonetheless, I'm paying for insurance so I want to get the benefits. In some cases depending on the type of treatment, the insurance would reimburse, but if the insurance company is never billed, then you can't get reimbursed!! This is a terrible way to treat your patients. I consider this dishonest!! Or Dr. Hoang has decided to take the easy way out for himself and doesn't put the interest of his patients first. Good luck with this office, I would only suggest making sure your insurance is being billed and you are not being told..." This is a discounted price and its better than your insurance!!!" Lazy or greedy????

Sherese Gray
11 months ago
All I can say is that I love DCDENTAL Spa! I've been coming here for at least 10 years!! A huge thanks to Dr. Hoang and his amazing team.

Lot By
11 months ago
I have been coming here with my sons since I have been in DC for over 5 years. The staff is great. The service is excellent. My questions are always answered about my growing sons teeth and exams are provided each time I request. I thank DC Dental Spa for taking care of myself and my family. Sending with Love - Siri Surrell

12 months ago
I found DC Dental Spa when I was looking for a place to have emergency dental work done. I was have a horrible, throbbing toothache for a few days and ended up needing to have a root canal repaired, which was also done here. The dental work was pretty painless (I do have high dental anxiety) and the receptionists and dental hygeniests were very instrumental in creating a comfortable experience. They were kind and informative.

John DeBoer
12 months ago
Great Dentist & Staff! Especially Zulema!

Rosie Washington
12 months ago
This place is a total sham. They will do anything and everything to get money out of you. I will NOT be going back here. They will say "we offer excellent service and our prices reflect that" -- do not believe them. There is NOTHING special about what they offer. Just don't go here!

Juliette Crowther
12 months ago
I visited this office regularly when I worked in the neighborhood up until about 3 years ago. Since then the two new dentists I have seen have had to redo cavity fillings that were poorly done at DC Dental Spa as was evident on x rays. I have had a total of six fillings redone with new dentists of the eight I had filled there. I don't know why I am surprised since Dr Huang himself had to also redo fillings that were poorly filled by one of his very own staff members who he had fired after she worked on my teeth. I am still paying hundreds of dollars to repair the damage that happened to my teeth at DC Dental Spa. I feel others should be warned.

Rodrigo Burgarelli
12 months ago
This place intentionally misleads costumers about insurance coverage. Don't trust what they say in their website - they DON'T accept the insurances listed there and they will lie to your face even when asked face to face. They also charge prices that are much higher than the usual for simple procedures. Had to learn that the hard way after a hefty $850 bill that they refused to adjust after being informed that my insurance would only cover a fraction of it.

Joanna Guy
12 months ago
I went from having a LOT of pain and anxiety to having zero pain after visiting Dr. Hoang and his team. Dr. Hoang laid out all the care options for me and let me craft my own plan for care. He did not just jump to the most expensive or invasive solution like I have had dentists do in the past. He and his team recommended several steps I could take on my own to improve my situation and they are working for me! I came in as a new patient, but was treated like a long time patient. Dr. Hoang and his team care, and they deliver the highest level of flexibility and service for their patients.

12 months ago
Went in for the new patient special cleaning and checkup. Dr. Hoang and his staff were super friendly and nice.

Ash Pouvaranukoah
12 months ago
I was impressed with this dental office. The office and location itself is clean. The staff members are intelligent, kind, and patient. Each process was explained thoroughly by the technicians and dentist. The technology here is advanced and painless (yay!). The dentist made me feel comfortable as he worked on my teeth. Highly recommended and reasonably priced!

Brittany Bepler
12 months ago
got me in at a moment's notice, friendly staff, excellent doctor and care!

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