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DC Pearls Dental Boutique - General dentist in Washington, DC
2440 M St NW Suite 709, Washington, DC 20037
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Beavers Wesner
2 weeks ago
Such a good group of people. If there is something they don't do I'd be surprised!

Rozita Masoumi
3 weeks ago
Dr. K is simply amazing and knowledgeable ! Professional staff and beautiful clean office space! Loved my experience and will continue to see these folks anytime that I need to get my dental work done!!

Willow Scott
3 weeks ago
When I was growing up, I never imagined that I could find technology offered at Dr. Ardekani's office! It makes dental procedures go so much smoother!

Caitlin Green
3 weeks ago
Invisalign has made a huge difference for my teen! She's gone back to the bubbly and constantly smiling girl I've always known. Thanks, Dr. Ardekani!

Leticia Carlson
3 weeks ago
My twins got Invisalign about six months ago and this whole office was fantastic. They are so kind and patient and know how to give you a good education.

A Google User
3 weeks ago
The first time I saw Dr. Ardekani he was featured on Bravo. I kept seeing him here and there so he was in my brain so when I decided to finally get veneers there was only one place for me. Even though it's a real process it was absolutely worth it. Just being able to smile and not want to cover my teeth is both weird and wonderful.

Lancwnstrs Karedsa
3 weeks ago
Dr Ardekani has such a kind demeanor! He makes sure that he builds a connection with his patients before anything else.

Lora Tucker
3 weeks ago
For most of my life, I've struggled with teeth that are discolored after not getting proper dental care as a child. After some research, veneers seemed to be the best solution, so I made an appointment here for a consultation. They were able to help me decide the best way to go about getting them and we were able to get started the very next day. The process was painless and I feel so much more confident now that I have brilliant teeth!

Lenard Sumner
3 weeks ago
I had to do a pinhole grafting procedure recently and it went swimmingly. There was no pain and it was so much faster than I expected a procedure to be.

Sandra Russell
3 weeks ago
I am glad that this is the dental boutique on caring for my oral health. The doctor does a fantastic job. The assistants are wonderful and really helpful when you have questions. I'd suggest this office to anyone who asks.

Janice Rodriguez
3 weeks ago
After the cleaning, measuring, and whathave you, I was worried about the next step. Thanks to the patient care of this doctor I moved forward with my implants. I'm so glad things moved forward too. My smile looks great now.

Jeffrey Brewer
3 weeks ago
Coming in this office always feels comfortable and welcoming. The team here are friendly and helpful. The dentist and his assistants have fantastic bedside manner and I am thrilled with my new veneers.

Elvira Watson
3 weeks ago
I was terrified of having to get surgery for the gum recession issue I was having, but they use pinhole grafting to treat it here. It was such a relief to not have to go through a super invasive surgery.

Ella Ramos
3 weeks ago
Super thankful to Dr. Ardekani for my brand new smile! The veneers look so natural and I feel much more confident!

Riley King
3 weeks ago
My son woke up one morning with swollen gums and in so much pain that he could barely talk. We called the office and they were able to get us in the same day!

Edith Clark
3 weeks ago
The office has amazing technology! The 3D scanner was so cool and saved so much time during my procedure since we didn't have to do physical impressions.

Delores Patterson
3 weeks ago
I was nervous about getting braces because of my overbite, but Dr. Ardekani told me about Invisalign. I'm very happy to see that they really are invisible!

ryan deng
3 weeks ago
Angry staff. I did do anything, I just called in to confirm my appointment. They just picked up my phone and hand up.

Erica Wheeler
3 weeks ago
With their 3d x-ray technology, Dr. Ardekani was able to show me exactly where the issue was coming from! It was easily solvable, but I truly believe their state of the art technology made all the difference.

Dixie Robinson
4 weeks ago
They're so much more technologically advanced than the dear old dentist I was seeing who retired. He might have done me a favor by retiring.

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