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Dlight Dental - General dentist in Washington, DC
1212 New York Ave NW Suite 425, Washington, DC 20005
Closes at 5:00pm
Monday8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday8:00am - 5:00pm
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Dlight Dental, with conveniently located offices in Washington, DC and Rockville, Maryland, offers state-of-the-art cosmetic and general dentistry. We provide fully customized dental services with a personal touch. Everything from preventive treatments to complex procedures such as root canals and dental implants are done in one office.

Dlight Dental - General dentist in Washington, DCDlight Dental - General dentist in Washington, DC

You deserve a beautiful smile, and our cosmetic dentists can help you achieve it. We offer crowns, veneers, laser teeth whitening, Invisalign clear teeth straightening and more treatments to give you the enviable smile youve always wanted.

Dlight Dental - General dentist in Washington, DC

Dental implants are the optimal solution for replacing teeth that are beyond saving or are already gone. Your implant placement is handled by our practices in-house periodontist (an implant specialist), and your new teeth that attach to your implant(s) will be custom-designed by our skilled cos-metic dentists to make your smile look natural and beautiful.

Dlight Dental - General dentist in Washington, DCDlight Dental - General dentist in Washington, DC

After receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine, he completed his postdoctoral training at Howard University in Washington, DC, serving as chief resident.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Valle-Cintron has received many awards and honors, including the American Academy of Oral Medicine Award and the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Award. He has also participated in several medical mission trips both locally and abroad, including trips to the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Dr. Valle-Cintron chose to become a dentist because he loves being able to improve both a persons health and appearance at the same time. Earning the trust and respect of each patient is as important to him as creating healthy, beautiful smiles. He makes sure he restores more than just teeth, he restores his patients confidence.


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Timmy Smalls
a week ago
My experiences are Always satisfactory and the staff are so cordial, professional & respectful that I always recommend others .

jay duke
a week ago
Been going here for about a decade. Love the place, particularly the dentist himself. This venue is #1 always on time and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Barbara Norried
a week ago
My smile gets better and better with each visit.

saman amiri
2 weeks ago
Unprofessional, they did a crown and I ended up going there four times to fix it and it lasted 6 month. Don't waste your time and money

Veronica Riquelme
3 weeks ago
No wait and takes insurance. Doctor and assistants were diligent and detail oriented. My teeth haven't felt this clean in a while. Highly recommend.

Timothy Ambrose
3 weeks ago
I highly recommend this dentist.

Dianne Miano
a month ago
My experience was great! I requested for an appointment the day before and I found a slot for general check-up and cleaning. I was then told that I need two fillings and I requested to have it then and there so I won't have to go back. They kindly adjusted their availability to accommodate me. They also already scheduled my next appointment, so it is on my calendar before I left the clinic. I appreciate it so much. Thank you! :)

Larry Howard
a month ago
The service, was completed with professionalism and great customer service!

Udeozo Ogbue
a month ago
Great timely service!

Lea Nicholson
2 months ago
Thank you Dr. Kwoh for my recent dental cleaning and imaging for a nightguard in your newly renovated office with the latest high-tech equipment.

F bijou Cone
3 months ago

Melanie Splendora
3 months ago
This dental office is great!!!

Larry Howard
3 months ago
The service, was completed with professionalism and great customer service!

Kathy Burke
3 months ago
Very nice Dentist. The Dentist is very professional and knows what to do and does not hurt me while fixing my teeth.

Freda Stewart
3 months ago
Honestly I'm just a bit frustrated. The customer service was great don't get me wrong but the work is... hmm I can't even think of the right word to use right note. I've gone back twice now for my issue to be fixed an it still hasn't. I cracked my tooth when I was younger An soo I needed to get it redone after having it for over 10 years that's how long it lasted from me getting it done years ago. An in less than a month I'm going back for delight dental to fix it twice? An now it's been 2 months an it has already broken off an chipped in the back again. Soo at this point I'll just take my business elsewhere to another dentist to fix my tooth.

Shawn S.
4 months ago
It's tough to find a new dentist, like going to a mechanic where you're never really sure if you're being pushed into unnecessary procedures. But I felt very comfortable at my first visit here. The staff was great and the cleaning was thorough. No scare tactics or hard selling. Will definitely return.

shari hunter
5 months ago
I came in for a interview and the lady that assisted me with the interview process went on and on about how this practice was a speciality and how much I wouldn't like it bz it's so much blood "as if im not used to my job and seeing blood" but ok. Then she goes to tell me a 10plus yr dental assistant who's an experienced and fast learner fast paced (me) that I wouldn't like it so much . I went on to tell me blood doesn't bother me clearly I've been in this industry since 2011 She said she had to pay me $19 because I've never worked in a perio speciality office! $19 THEY WANT TO OVER WORK UNDER PAY AN EXPERIENCED LEVEL 2 ASSISTANT . UNACCEPTABLE. YOU CANNOT ASK FOR LEVEL AND THINK YOUR GOING TO PAY THEM $19 ! DISRESPECTFUL. YOU CAN ONLY PAY ENTRY LEVEL ASSISTANTS OUT OF SCHOOL LOW PAY BECAUSE THEY AREN'T EXPERIENCED. SHE TOLD ME (Chinese lady) SHE TRAINED THE OTHER TWO WOMEN WHOM WHERE ALREADY THEIR SO Y WOULDN'T YOU HIRE ME (AFRICAN AMERICAN) FEMALE THAT HAS EXPERIENCE Whom would catch on quickly to everything dentistry because I have experience in the field. I POSTED A REVIEW ABOUT EXPERIENCE ON INDEED AFTER INTERVIEW WITH HER , STATING EVERY DETAIL ABOUT HOW MY INTERVIEW WENT AND THEY DELETED MY REVIEW! I actually had everything they needed, she didn't want to hire a black girl in the office because I'm so smart and more knowledgeable I never got to tell them about my self and how much I loved dentistry and that I'm in school to be a hygienist now , because I was never asked.

Alexandra Morris
6 months ago
Dlight dental is the best dentists office I've been to. They are always on time, efficient, and kind. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Magdalena Rodriguez
8 months ago
Very profesional team and warm service. I highly recommend :)

Latonya Mackey
9 months ago
So, I was so depressed and embarrassed... Because of my mouth, the staff makes me feel so comfortable and they are so nice and answered all questions (no matter how crazy they were) and they worked with me on the price, they are very affordable .. I'm so happy I found this place.. I would recommend Dlight Dental, to anyone..

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