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Dr. Babak Noohi, DDS, MS/ Capitol Hill Dentistry - Periodontist in Washington, DC
499 S Capitol St SW #109, Washington, DC 20003
Closes at 5:00pm
Monday8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday8:00am - 5:00pm
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I am proud to share some photos of the Noohis. My wife, Padi, has been a great support throughout my education. We have a son, Ethan Neev and a daughter, Chloe Neela. My children are my pride and joy.

Being raised by both parents in the medical field, i have learned from childhood that being a health care provider is all about Caring for people and the rest comes secondary. My relationship with is rather personable and professional, I treat my patients as my own family members. While in the office, my patients have my utmost attention and respect and will feel that old school one-to-one doctor-patient-relationship. Our office is one of comfort and reliability and the proof of that are patients who are still coming from other states to see me for their dental needs. It is that high level of care & trust that has always been the defining core of my practice.


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Katie Proch
3 days ago
I'd been searching for a dentist in DC for several years and I'm so glad to have found Dr. Noohi's practice. Dr. Noohi clearly cares about doing right by his patients.

Sara Donnelly
a month ago
Ten years ago Dr. Noohi created and applied new veneers to several of my teeth. Because labs and dental tech were probably not nearly developed as they are now, he sculpted every veneer with an artist's attention to detail. The work required time that some doctors may not take in the throws of a patient load and swift income generation. My results were flawless. He created veneers that entirely complemented the scale and shape of my gum line, my mouth, and gave me a new amazing smile that was realistic (nothing fake like some veneers can look). Today I visited his independent business (new since then) to ask that he check on my veneers as a different dentist recommended replacing them at this age. His office and incredibly supportive staff, Paul and Sabrina, were refreshing. (Sabrina was amazing as much more than a receptionist - ever intelligent, responsive and engaging. What a relief!) Dr. Noohi provided a highly in-depth review and consultation with one of the most pleasant and patient demeanors I have ever experienced. Here's the best part - I believe many doctors would encourage new services to acquire new business and revenues. Instead, he expertly assured me that I have a long time (maybe another ten years) to enjoy these veneers. He also advised me on dental and periodontal techniques to keep me in good shape, when he didn't have to. After all, this was to be a brief consultation, not extended appointment for which I was not charged. Seeking dental and veneer treatment is entirely overwhelming. It's so easy to yield to some Groupon offer. So much is riding on one's cosmetic results - fear that something could go wrong or enhanced attractiveness was not accomplished. Quite simply, Dr. Noohi's skills are exceptional and artisanal compared to something that is okay enough. Do not hesitate to investigate your options with Dr. Noohi and his office's customer service. You and your teeth will be in the most knowledgeable, professional, safe and pleasant hands. A beautiful smile and healthy teeth will be all your's at a fair and ethical price tag.

Courtney O'Connor
a month ago
Overall excellent experience as a first-time patient of Dr. Noohi. I really appreciate his attention to detail and the time he took on my oral exam and cleaning. Plus, the front office made it easy for billing with insurance and booking future appointments. Thank you!

Jennifer Pocock
a month ago
Dr. Noohi has helped my bruxism more than any other doctor! I've been going through an extremely stressful year, and stress always sets off my teeth grinding. My face had been in pain for months when I found Dr. Noohi's practice. He recommended a way to adjust my mouth guard (instead of selling me a new one!) by grinding part of it down that absolutely changed the game. I think this was somewhat experimental, as he took pics as he went along so he could use it for educational purposes. Dr. Noohi is great because he loves education and innovation, and wants to find ways to fix existing structures at low cost instead of tearing down and replacing everything from scratch. He saved me a ton of money and I learned more about my condition. And, of course, the best part is that I'm not in pain anymore!

Andrew Jardine
4 months ago
Dr Noohi is truly the BEST! I have seen him for 3 crowns Each time I have had temporary crowns placed prior to the permanents and never had any issues ! Dr Noohi & his staff are so caring , gentle , trustworthy and knowledgeable I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Noohi

Euri Hernandez
4 months ago
(Translated by Google) Great service! Dr. Babak Noohi is by far the best dentist office I've ever been too in the DMV! He's a specialist in his field and will explain everything to a T because he's super detailed! Highly recommended! Very good dental service by Dr. Babak Noohi. Definitely the best dentist in the DMV area. He is a specialist and his dental area and is very detailed with his work. Super recommended! (Original) Great service! Dr. Babak Noohi is by far the best dentist office I've ever been too in the DMV! He's a specialist in his field and will explain everything to a T because he's super detailed! Highly recommended! Muy buen servicio dental por el Dr. Babak Noohi. Definitivamente el mejor dentista en la area del DMV. El es un especialista y su area dental y es bien detallado con su trabajo. Super recomendado!

Charles Davidson
5 months ago
There isn't a way for me to speak of Dr. Noohi highly enough. He has the best bedside manner of any healthcare professional I've seen and is always "on the patient's team," never recommending services that aren't what is needed and always doing so without pressuring the patient. I always insist my friends choose him as their dentist. The staff are professional, friendly, and incredibly helpful!

Ben Vester
8 months ago
Dr. Noohi is excellent, thorough, and takes the time to explain his patients' dental health to them. His staff are pleasant and helpful. A great practice!

Armand Lione
11 months ago
The staff was excellent in arranging to have me come in to address my dental problem and helping me deal with getting my records from my previous dentest. Dr. Noohi skillfully diagnosed and treated my dental issue, and I look forward to working with him and his staff for my continuing dental care!

Alex Mackey
12 months ago
I've thoroughly enjoyed having Dr. Noohi as my dentist. He and his office staff members are kind and knowledgeable. The level of care that I receive from this office is exceptional and I would recommend it to any friend or family. I look forward to Dr. Noohi being my dentist for years to come.

Jessica Hodge
12 months ago
I had extensive extraction with Dr Noohi. I am thrilled to say following his post op instruction I have no pain, no bleeding and no swelling. Thank you for a great experience

Paris Pope
12 months ago
Dr. Noohi is the BEST dentist in the DMV and beyond! I cannot say enough good things about him, his staff (Paul and Jasmine are excellent), and his office. Dr. Noohi goes above and beyond in oral care and making patients feel comfortable. His knowledge, professionalism, and kind demeanor made for the best dental experience I've ever had. I wish I could give him 10 stars - cannot recommend him highly enough!

Trevor James
12 months ago
Dr. Noohi, is the best in the business. He's very thorough and detailed when explaining details and recommendations. I traveled back to DC from NY, where I know live, so that he specifically can work on my teeth. He also fit me in last minute to make a minor adjustment on my bite. Highly recommended.

Velida Juzbasi
12 months ago
A great dentist is personable and someone who can put his patients at ease...someone who can educate his patients on diagnosis and treatment..being able to explain technical terms in simple words. Dr. Noohi is that great dentist and so is his whole team. Thank you for giving me back my smile!

Monica Laufer
12 months ago
Dr. Noohi and his whole team are excellent. He's meticulous in his work, an empathetic practitioner, and flexible to accommodate his patients' needs. His assistant, Paul, and office manager, Jasmine, are incredibly kind and helpful. I cannot recommend his office enough.

Amelia DeGory
12 months ago
I had a great experience at Dr. Noohi's office, from arrival to departure. The reception assistant was kind and patient, I was seen quickly, and another assistant Paul had a gentle touch with the X Rays. I was nervous because I had not been to the dentist for over a year due to the pandemic, but Dr. Noohi did not shame me and was encouraging. He also explained the changes the office has made to the cleaning procedure to reduce aerosols during this time. My teeth are thoroughly clean and I will be back in 6 months.

Chea Randall
12 months ago
Today was my first appointment, I am pleased. The office was clean, staff friendly & Dr. Noohi was very informative. My appointment was at 10:30am & I didn't have to wait to be seen. They are also following the guidelines for COVID. Thank you team!

Niles Townsend
12 months ago
Dr. Noohi and Dr. Paul are magicians from the future. They were able to completely fix my smile in just one session. I could not be any happier with the results. Dr. Noohi is very informative and has the answers for any questions you may have. They also do a great job with following COVID-19 protocol. I would recommend Dr. Noohi and his team to any and everyone. You will leave out very pleased and their work should be very much appreciated. Thank you Doctor!!

Matt Jacob
12 months ago
Dr. Noohi and his staff really make a patient feel welcomed and valued. He carefully explained the procedure that he was doing to address a cracked tooth. One day later, I was pleasantly surprised that he emailed me to check and make sure I was doing fine and wasn't in any pain. If you need a dentist, I would recommend him.

William Raboff
a year ago
Accommodating , professional and technically outstanding.

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