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Drs. Lenz, Sullivan and Kim LenzSullivan Dentistry - General dentist in Washington, DC
4200 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 530, Washington, DC 20016
Closes at 4:30pm
Monday8:00am - 4:30pm
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Morris Topf
a week ago
Professional, highly competent, caring and friendly.

Martha Talley
4 weeks ago
I was seen on time, and my filling replaced quickly and painlessly. This is routine for this practice, which provides very good, efficient care.

Susan K
a month ago
Great practice. Dr.Kim is skilled, thorough, and knowledgeable and has an excellent chair side manor.

Chris R.
a month ago
I always get excellent dental care from Doctor Kim and his staff. From the moment I step into the office to the moment I leave, I am treated in a professional courteous manner.

K Fogleman
2 months ago
Dr. Kim and his staff provide excellent service! Dr. Kim is not only an excellent dentist, but he also gives very careful and personalized service. For example, a very old and large filling finally aged out and needed to be replaced. But the problem occurred on the Friday before I was leaving on a 3 week trip out of the country. I explained the situation to Dr. Kim's receptionist, the office worked me into the schedule that day, and he replaced the filling. But he then went the extra mile - he suggested that they fit me into their schedule on Monday morning, before our flight that evening, so that he could confirm that the new filling's bite was perfect and wouldn't cause any trouble while traveling. My husband has also received the same excellent and personalized service from Dr. Kim, as well as from Iris, Tania, Joanne and the other staff and hygienists. We have been patients since the office opened several years ago.

bill licamele
3 months ago
Great emergency care

Andrea Paipa
5 months ago
Dr Sullivan and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable in their respective areas. The office is spacious and welcoming and the front desk staff, friendly and competent,

Andrew Colb
5 months ago
We're writing in total praise of Dr. Randy Kim of Lenz-Sullivan dental practice. My adult daughter came to Dr. Kim with a slate of dental complexities: fear of needles, high anxiety, a mouth full of cavities, and bad prior experiences with several other dentists. The goals was to treat all of those cavities while my daughter was under sedation provided by an outside anesthetist and, most importantly, for my daughter to accept and participate in that 4-hr procedure. I am pleased to report that the goal was met, but what is most important is the pathway Dr. Kim took. From my daughter's very first visit, Dr. Kim took the time to explain every step of what he was going to do and the importance of each step. To do this, Dr. Kim blocked out enough time for each of the several pre-op appointments to build in "stepping back" and "talking through" time to let our daughter get her concerns expressed and back under control. Thus, each of the pre-op appointments ended with an accomplishment and a success. Furthermore, Dr. Kim kept close touch with us as he went through the steps of clearing the use of an outside anesthesiologist with his firm, locating and vetting a "travelling" provider, and preparing our daughter for the actual pace of the procedure and what to expect (i.e., jaw pain) when the procedure had finished and the sedation had worn off. I, myself, come from a family of dentists - my dad, 3 uncles, and a cousin; I grew up with it. But until I saw Dr. Kim handling my daughter's case, I had never appreciated the importance of mentally preparing the patient for the work to be done and of developing a rapport and trust with the dentist to conquer the very real patient anxieties. That took time, patience, and an understanding of the patient's needs beyond just the technical work. Dr. Kim is a skilled practitioner on all of those levels.

Susana Ferrando
6 months ago
Dr. Kim is a very thorough professional, he had great bed side manners is very professional and doesn't offer unnecessary services o procedures. All the staff in the office are very caring. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Kim did my teeth cleaning and his assistant only did the final polishing. I strongly recommend Dr. Kim you will not be disappointed.

L. J. Keniry
11 months ago
Dr. Kim, Ms. Tanya (the office manager), and their crew of hygienists are first-rate professionals. Dr. Kim has that combination of technical skills, experience, and artistry that are hard to find in dentristry. (My father is a dentist on the other side of the US, and served as an examiner, so I feel blessed to have some insight into good dentistry.) Thank you, Dr. Kim, Tanya, and whole team. (And hello to Dr. Almo, who was my prior dentist there, and also to Dr. Selvaggio! You did a good job choosing Dr. Kim and Tanya).

Jocelyn Roberts
12 months ago
Love this practice! Very thoughtful and helpful in everything they do. Would give 5 stars if they took insurance.

Cheryl Hennessy
12 months ago
Comfortable, caring and very capable. How often can you say you look forward to an excellent experience at the dentist? I really can't think of anything these guys haven't done right.

Rev. Henry Sattler C.Ss.R.
12 months ago
Great staff. Friendly, knowledgeable. Professional. Doctor Sullivan is most competent and up on the latest procedures. Very careful in this covid reality.

Rachel Ostach
12 months ago
Dr. Sullivan and his team are wonderful. Waiting for follow up appointments (because of Covid) is making things difficult. No one's at fault, but frustration takes the last (5th) star

David Lloyd
12 months ago
Excellent dentistry in calm setting. Very health conscious: call/text office from your car when you arrive & they text when to come up. Efforts to minimize contact w/ surfaces, social distancing, everyone masked + face shields & gloves for treatment staff. Thorough cleaning & exam. Good communication a.ong staff & w/ patient. Very pleased w/ all visits over several years.

Jenean Jones
12 months ago
Love Dr. Kim n his assistant. COVID-19 rules being strictly followed. Come back if it's time to have your cleaning. You'll be glad

Samantha Bryan
12 months ago
Staff is amazing. Always friendly and professional. Dr and asst are outstanding. Very caring and thorough. Entire family has been going to this practice for many many years!!!

Kim Roberts
12 months ago
I had a wonderful and incredibly safe visit!

Puchy Ryder
12 months ago
I went to Dr. Kim because an 11-year old crown had come off due to wear and tear. The care I received was, as usual, excellent. Professional, courteous, pleasant, treating me like a person, not just a patient. From the receptionist, to the dental assistant, to Dr. Kim himself, everyone worked together. Dr. Kim readily and meticulously restored the tooth base and crown. The receptionist readily checked me out. I always get good care, from the moment I arrive to when I leave.

Jim Bowe
12 months ago
This is an extremely well run, caring practice. All involved regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to look after their patients and help them improve their dental health. Joanne has been my hygienist for probably 15 years. Highly recommended.

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