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Jeffrey Zippin
a week ago
Very short wait. Satisfied with result and dentist's care and explanations.

Chris Lehmann
4 weeks ago
wonderful visit as always. Love Dr. Schneiderman's calm approach, and he never tries to 'upsell' you on services. That is why I have been his patient for over 40 years.

Kate Simpson
a month ago
Very friendly and competent staff, from the front desk to the hygienist and dentist. I always feel in good hands. And the hygienist does a thorough job. Kudos!

Barton Turner
a month ago
Their practice is compassionate, efficient, and state of the art. My wife and I have been going to them for almost twenty years. All the staff work together seamlessly. Putting you at ease is at the heart of what they do. I hope they are in business for a long time.

Sam reddy
a month ago
Service was excellent. I recommend this place to anybody and everybody and my hygienist is one of the best that I have seen.

Ann Wild
a month ago
I have seen Dr. Brad Schneiderman for many years and respect him highly. My hygienist, Waverly, is superb!

Jeff Galyon
a month ago
Here's my opinion: this is a very good dental office. The staff I encountered and Dr. Schneiderman are excellent. The doctor is very thorough and he explained everything well. I went for the first time today, but I can recommend this office.

James Servidea
2 months ago
Waverley is a wonderful hygienist!

Amanda Orr
2 months ago
Fantastic, skilled, and caring dentists and staff.

Elena Berger
2 months ago
I have been seeing Dr Schneiderman for five years now. He and his team are extremely competent and professional. I highly recommend Dr Schneiderman and his team.

Madelon Mulcahey
2 months ago
I actually love going to my dentist. The office is full of happy, talented people. I feel confident that they are looking out for my dental health.

Ellen Conover
2 months ago
I have been lucky that I have had dentists that I like (I was very sad when my last dentist retired), but this place is, hands down, the best. Dr. Barr is great, but it's unusual to have such a strong staff too. Sonny (sp?) at the front desk always remembers who I am (literally from seeing me on the street). My hygienist, Waverly, is the best. I don't know how I made it 40 years & never learned how to properly floss my teeth. Because she believes in educating her patients, I went from a dreaded, pretty painful, always bleeding cleaning every 6 months to just having gotten back from an appt that was pain-free. I'm not going to lie. You have to do the work in between appointments, but her methods work. Go see for yourself!

Elizabeth Oleander
3 months ago
Dr.Barr is the best dentist I've ever had. He's so nice and disarming. I generally hate going to the dentist, but their kindness and upbeat energy in the office makes it actually pleasant.

Lara Schwartz
3 months ago
Dr. Schneiderman and his whole team are fantastic. I have been going to this practice for many years and they provide the very best care.

Casey Reever Whiting
7 months ago
As the daughter of a (now retired) dentist, my expectations of a dentist and their office are quite exacting. The office staff are kind, efficient, knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. The hygienists and Dr. Schneiderman are excellent: personable, gentle, thorough, and honest. They don't push for extra services or unnecessary treatments, and they treat you as a whole person, not just a mouth. I've been seeing them for almost 10 years -- I really love this practice and am so grateful to have found them.

Momma Lee
8 months ago
They have been nonjudgmental on my lack of going to the dentist for over a decade. They've been very nice and patient with me and my anxiety of the dentist. The receptionists are wonderful...they even shared the passing of one receptionist recently with a warm and sincere heart. Her picture is still up to this day. Thanks for the utmost CUSTOMER SERVICE!

John Court
8 months ago
Been going for 20+ years. They are fantastic.

Monica Echeverria
9 months ago
Friendly and professional staff; they make you feel well taken care of.

Bob Beard
9 months ago
After waiting several weeks on a "waitlist" for a normal cleaning I decided to call the practice myself to see where I was on the waitlist. They gave me an appointment for yesterday at 3:15pm. After taking me at 3:30pm ( not a big deal) the hygienist proceed to take what I am sure is an expensive "panoramic" xray of my mouth which is not paid for by most dental insurance. She then told me she had discussed my visit that morning with the Dr. and he told her just to do the debridement portion of the cleaning and I should make another appointment in May for the tooth polishing part of the visit! Every other dentist I have ever gone to (and I am OLD) has done the whole procedure in one visit. After the hygienst finished the debridement, she asked if my teeth felt clean? Well no they didn't because they had not been brushed or polished. Now I have to come back May 6 and spend another $30 roundtrip in an Uber just to have my teeth polished. I would like to know the reason for this type of administration and if they intend to charge me for two visits when one would have sufficed . My teeth are not particularly problematic so that can't be the reason.

Chris MacColl
9 months ago
Really good dentists and team.

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