Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC
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Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

With a passion for delivering top quality oral health and patient care for over 25 years, Claudia is an excellent addition to our team. Having graduated Howard University College of Dentistry with high honors, followed by a distinguished career of continually procuring advanced hygiene techniques, Claudia brings a fresh perspective to the field of dental hygiene. She is also certified in dental anesthetics and nitrous oxide sedation to help patients feel more at ease.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

With her endless passion for dentistry and excellent bonding with patients, Laleh brings exceptional skills to our practice as she creates the most positive experience for each patient every day. Her experience of working with many types of dental practices in the DC area for over 20 years makes her a unique professional in educating patients, helping the dentists, and training the dental team. Her strong belief in continual education is totally in sync with her desire for her dental team to continue to be the most efficient in taking care of their patients.

Laleh is a martial artist, a cyclist, a weight lifter, and a runner. She loves playing sports especially Ultimate Frisbee. Traveling and music are a must, and her two grown sons are the most amazing part of her life.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

Fatima became a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) and a radiology technician in 2007. Over the last 14 years she has brought a special empathy and kindness to her patients, while developing exceptional skills in multiple areas of restorative and surgical assisting.

Working as a dental assistant, I create an open and accepting environment where all patients can feel comfortable and thrive. For the past 14 years working for our practice, my passion for dentistry has enabled me to make long-lasting relationships with our patients.

My favorite part of dentistry and working with Dr Marlin is the everyday challenge and the results that we achieve, which bring a smile to our patients. When she is not working, Fatima loves spending time and exploring new countries with her husband, son and daughter.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

As a top dental technician, Felix is completely dedicated to providing his patients with the ultimate crown, veneer, or implant reconstruction. He continually strives to learn new techniques and ideas that will help him provide the very best results. With Dr. Marlin and Felix working closely together over 10 years, they have collaborated to provide the most aesthetic and precise fitting restorations for their patients.

I appreciate the opportunity to work side by side with Dr Marlin as we work together with each patient to design and finalize the most aesthetic and precisely functional solutions/products. Having an in-house laboratory where I am provided the finest materials and latest technology enables me to combine my expertise with Dr Marlins knowledge and commitment. What makes it even better is the support from such a great team as we have.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

Joining our team in 2020 with over 10 years experience in both chairside and administrative support, Anne is very friendly, welcoming, and helpful in assisting patients with scheduling recommended treatment., Behind her beautiful smile is a woman who is passionate about getting to know all of our patients and contributing to our quality service.

She appreciates the opportunity our office gives her to meet and communicate with a variety of wonderful people every day and to be helpful. It is great to be a part of this unique office and to work with such talented and caring people.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

With a background in education, Laura brings a special combination of person-to-person and organizational skills, and is very adept at helping patients resolve any administrative issues. She also provides extensive administrative back-up to many members of our team. As a people person, Laura is inherently client oriented.

Almost a year ago, Dr. Marlin asked if I would fill in at the front desk until they were able to hire someone. Fast forward to the end of December 2020, I happily decided to join this very high caliber practice as a full-time employee. I am here to handle administrative tasks as well as any patient needs. Being able to assist others has always been a passion of mine. I am excited to help patients in this capacity. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of such an amazing team!

Laura is the proud mother of seven-year-old twins who always keep her on her toes. She feels that raising twins is a huge blessing and a lot of fun! In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies and spending time with her family/friends.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

Ziad received his initial dental training from dental school in Egypt. After serving as a lead technician at another practice, he has joined us, because he was seeking a practice to provide the best care for my patients. I am seeking a positive, challenging environment that accepts the best and gives the patients responsibility and respect.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

Since the time that he established his practice, Dr. Gerald Marlin has maintained an unwavering dedication to excellence. Through this commitment, Dr. Marlin provides his patients with long-lasting, optimally aesthetic restorations that have virtually no future problems.

As such, he is a leading specialist in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and restorative dentistry in the Chevy Chase and Washington DC Metro Area. Dr. Gerald Marlin pioneered the technique for creating custom, anatomic implant abutments that have a full emergence profile (see patents below), regardless of how the implants were inserted.

He brings expertise, dedication, and long-term, top-quality results to implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry with his full-service practice including an in-house lab. Call Dr. Marlin for all your dental needs at (202) 244-2101.

We are renowned for problem solving peoples failed dentistry, smile makeovers, and implant therapy/issues. This therapy requires superior training, experience, and attention to detail, which we consistently provide. This is also why I developed an in-house laboratory that is head-and-shoulders over commercial laboratories by providing custom, well-fitting, vibrant crowns that are custom-fabricated.

In addition to providing exceptional restorative dentistry, Dr. Marlin has long served as a respected and well-established cosmetic dentist in the Washington DC, Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Alexandria, Arlington area.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

Dr. Marlin received his DMD degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a masters degree in Prosthodontics from Boston University. His long-standing experience and incomparable professionalism make him a leader in the field of Prosthodontics.

Dr. Marlin has inserted and restored over 3,400 dental implants, but he also contributes to the field of implants directly with exhaustive research and revolutionary ideas within his specialty. He has invented an implant restoration system and holds multiple pending and issued patents related to implant restoration, making his experience nothing short of exceptional.

As a part of his being in the vanguard of implant-supported crown, bridge, and hybrid appliance therapy, Dr. Marlin has six United States patents and several foreign patents covering implant restoration. His latest United States patent (issued on June 14, 2016) is the first of several upcoming patents that claim an exclusive set of components and digital techniques for restoring all implants worldwide. It solves many problems with restoring angled and rotated implants, which is a significant industry problem.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

Dr. Marlin is committed to Prosthodontic and cosmetic dentistry education. He has lectured at many universities and national dental organizations on implant reconstruction and has trained 450 technicians on how to fabricate the best implant restoration. Since 1985, Dr. Marlin has been working with his own in-house technicians to provide dramatic aesthetic results with the finest in quality control. In addition, he has provided training programs to dentists and dental technicians for restoring implants. He developed a dental technicians hands-on training program for restoring dental implants and is the inventor of two Implant Restoration Systems.

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry: Dr. Gerald M. Marlin - General dentist in Washington, DC

His great sense of humor, willingness to listen, and integrity are just a few of the reasons why his patients are so loyal and continue to stay with him, whether they live in the Washington Metropolitan area, or Scottsdale, Arizona, or Paris, France.

By bringing together a team of dedicated individuals, including a caring team, an in-house laboratory technician, and a group of excellent co-therapists, Dr. Marlin provides the most premium care possible through his commitment to excellence and warm disposition. This kind of quality is reflected in great-looking crowns that have lasted at least 20-35 years (3-4 times the national average).

Dr. Marlin takes great care of his patients, being proactive to care for their teeth to prevent unnecessary treatments. He thoroughly explains procedures he recommends. He is competent and professional. His office staff is friendly, and they provide a warm environment. You can trust Dr. Marlin to diagnose problems and take care of your teeth!

I wanted to be able to perform the highest level of restorative dentistry, and, ultimately, be able to make a dramatic difference in peoples lives. As specialists in restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry, we are called upon to provide the best restorative and implant surgical care. The creativity and logical problem solving that gets the WOW from the patients is a real high.

A great many patients come to us with serious problems: some are aesthetic, some are functional (breakdown of restorations, teeth, and/or bite), and many are both. Some require implant therapy, which adds a whole other dimension. Personally, I love the challenge of breaking down the problems to the lowest common denominator and then rebuilding the mouth to perfection. Overall, making a difference in peoples lives by restoring them to a point of health with aesthetic results that are superior to what is generally being performed out there is an important driver to me and my team. Our philosophy is do it right, get it right.

A warm, friendly, highly professional environment provided by a top end staff. Our facility is large (3,000 sq feet) with all the treatment rooms having picture windows overlooking a wide-open expanse.

I specialize in prosthodontics with a subspecialty in periodontal prostheses or reconstructing the partially or fully broken-down adult dentition. This specialty includes implant surgery and restoration, cosmetic design and makeover, reconstruction of the broken down dentition, and crowns, veneers, and bridges.

Provide the best possible therapy based upon the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of practice-from the initial diagnosis, alternative treatment plans, and detailed therapy sequence resulting in unmatched final results. Our single-minded focus on getting it right with top fitting, very aesthetic restorations has resulted in crowns that last over 35 years and 3,400 surgically inserted and restored implants with a 97-98% success rate over a 10-20 year period. We have assembled the best team of top professionals to provide this therapy in a very friendly, efficient, and comfortable environment.

  • In 1985 I spent 5 days with one of the top ceramists, Masahiro Kuwata, in a technician training program to, in turn, train our inhouse technicians to provide world class porcelain having internal color with highly translucency enamel to create our simply natural, simply radiant restorations.
  • Also, in 1985, I was one of the early prosthodontist adopters of the osseointegrated implant therapy, including being the first one in the Washington area to take on the implant placement surgery. Therefore, we would always have the strongest foundation at the outset with ideally placed implants generating ideal final aesthetic and functional results.
  • In 2011, I invented and patented another implant restoration system that automatically corrects for surgical error when placing implants and consistently provides the optimal drop-in final abutment and crown.
  • I work out several days a week. With three children and 6 grandchildren in the Washington metropolitan area, my wife and I see family members most weekends. On the side, I am also continuing my work in my venture project, the automated implant restoration system, when not doing all of that. I hope to also go back to my golf game in the spring.

    The epiphany on wanting to become a prosthodontist came from the first few days of orientation at the University of Pennsylvania dental school, followed by reinforcement in lectures during my first year. Penn is the institution that invented the subspecialty ofperiodontal prosthesis, which became my area of interest. Seeing the clinical results from rehabilitating the broken-down adult dentition from the top players in the field inspired me to specialize in this area of prosthodontics.

    I am intenselydedicatedto top performance and performers and providing my patients with the best therapy,loyalto family, friends, patients, and people I work with, and to business/practices with whom I have established a working relationship, andcomprehensivein my approach to any work-to-task projects.

    Several of my professors at U of P and BU set the standards for top-end therapy, which I incorporated early on into my practice and became the basis of our corporate culture. At this stage in my career, I am a mentor to others in the field in any one of several areas, rather than being mentored.

    Making a dramatic difference in many peoples lives over the years has been very rewarding. It is quite satisfying to have inspired a vast array of top team members to provide service following the pursuit of excellence, ending up with our patients receiving top service and the very best, longest-lasting restorations.

  • We are one of the few pros practices that provide end-to-end implant therapy-from extraction and ridge (jaw) augmentation (bone grafting, internal sinus lift) to surgical implant placement to restoration using our own in-house technician
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