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2132 R St NW, Washington, DC 20008

Embassy Row Orthodontics is a leading orthodontic practice serving patients in Washington D.C. from the heart of Dupont Circle. Our mission is to provide exceptional, high-quality care focused on comfort, compassion and convenience, with results that delight our patients.

We know your smile is important to you, so all our treatment plans are tailored to your unique needs and expectations. Our focus is on providing the best care for our patients and were dedicated to using new technologies anddigital monitoringto enhance your experience.

Dr. Wayne Hickory has been an authority in the orthodontics field for over 25 years. As an early adopter of orthodontic technology and with a background in orthodontic research and instruction, Dr. Hickory is an expert in both traditional and modern orthodontic methods. His unique fusion of personalized care, leading-edge technology and authentic, transparent patient relationships is part of what our patients enjoy so much.

Both patients and colleagues benefit from Dr. Hickorys expertise. As a former full-time professor in the orthodontic departments of both the University of Amsterdam and the University of Maryland, Dr. Hickory regularly teaches and consults in orthodontic practices around the world. Dr. Hickory also has a special interest in teaching abroad along with hosting orthodontists from Europe and Asia for advanced courses stateside.

At Embassy Row Orthodontics, our staff are dedicated to you. From the moment you walk through our doors, its our goal to provide you with an exceptional patient experience. Our team is highly trained to provide you top quality service and to be available for any questions you might have about orthodontic treatment.

As the Assistant Manager and Treatment Coordinator, I meetwith all new patients to understand their orthodonticneeds. This allows us to create truly customized treatment plans that result in brilliant smiles. I love my rolebecause I get to help educate patients so they are better prepared to make smart decisions for their orthodontic health.

Prior to myrole here at Embassy Row Orthodontics, Iused to serve in the US Army Reserves. Now Ispend my free time advocating for myfurry friends, helping and rescuing animals. There is nary a creature that I donot want to nurture, from spiders to dogs. When Im notsaving animals, you can find mecurled in mybed, eyes glued to thelatest political TVdrama series.

As an athletic, animal-loving person, mydream vacation would be spent exploring the unknown alongside mybeloved Lhasa Apso, Famous (while trying new recipes and restaurants to appeal to myinner gastronome).

My responsibility is working directly for our patients. This involves taking diagnostic records of their orthodontic treatment (x-rays and photographs), planning and executing their treatment, removing braces, and managing retention.

Patients are excited and enjoy coming to our office because we provide excellent and comprehensive care. Additionally, I treat every patient according to their individual needs and treatment plan. I enjoy helping patients, as it is very rewarding to be a vital part of helping them achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Iam a down-to-earth homebody and find joy in fixing things in my home. I like relaxing at home when I am not working and like to stay updated on current events and watching TV. Ienjoy spending time with my son, Steve, and going shopping. Myfavorite food is traditional Filipino food and my favorite dessert is flan.

First and foremost, my work impacts our patients to help them have good dental health. I enjoy helping them achieve and maintain a great smile. I listen and address their concerns and try to achieve treatment goals to satisfy their needs.

Imeasygoing, sociable and funny. I enjoy both the great outdoors and the great indoors my interests range from playing soccer with my son Nathaniel to relaxing at home watching my favorite TV shows. Myfavorite things include eating steak and curry, watching science fiction movies and playing with dogs. In my spare time I volunteer at a military hospital.

I have a variety of interests and hobbies, which range from hiking to shopping. I enjoy photography, playing Internet games and watching anime. Myfavorite animals are tigers and puppies, and I love eating sushi and ramen. Imcompassionate, fun, and a foodie who loves lounging on the beach.

Dogs have been shown to have a calming effect in the dental environment, although new technology has meant orthodontic visits are no longer very stressful. Chouko is available upon request during your next orthodontic visit.

At Embassy Row Orthodontics, we do things a little differently from everybody else. Our approach is unique to us. You may think being national leaders in the latest orthodontic technologies and one of the top providers for Invisalign in the world would be enough for usnot so. We work hard to blend our state-of-the-art technologies and treatment options with first-rate customer service and to treat every patient like a guest in our home.

We dont believe you should have to wait for orthodontic treatment. Whether you have been referred to us for treatment or you have approached us yourself, we will work with you to ensure you can start orthodontic treatment whenever youre ready even today if thats the case!

Forget visions of scary, uncomfortable orthodontic treatment chairs. At Embassy Row Orthodontics, patient comfort is high on our list of priorities, so weve found the most comfortable chairs for you to relax in while having treatment.

Orthodontic treatment should be a private experience between you and our orthodontic team. Thats why we have private treatment rooms available so you know you are our number one priority when were seeing you.

As a patient of Embassy Row Orthodontics we will guarantee you are treated with the utmost care and compassion you deserve. We will respect your wishes for orthodontic treatment and ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with the treatment we are carrying out for you.

We have worked hard to be recognised for our skills and expertise in the orthodontic field and that hard work has contributed to us becoming one of the leading orthodontic clinics in the country. Come to us for treatment and youll be given the highest level of care on which we have built our reputation.

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