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Evenly is the nations leading technology platform enabling dentists to provide advanced orthodontics in their practice. Barry Beck, the founderbehind Evenly, who previously founded Bluemercury the nationwide luxury cosmetics brand noticed an increasing demand from customers looking for straighter, healthier teeth and its connection to overall health, wellness and anti-aging.

Beck launched Evenly with Dan Brashear as his co-founder with a mission of bringing advanced oral wellness products and technologies topatients across the nation, combined with world class doctor directed treatment. Wayne Hickory, DMD, MS, MDS, an internationally renowned Orthodontist, joined Evenly as it's Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Hickory has been at the forefront of every major Orthodontic innovation over the past 20 years. After 2 years of research, the team developed the worlds most advanced Orthodontic treatment system.


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a month ago
Amazing Invisalign experts! I came in from a prior provider and Evenly provided the proper corrections to get me to my dream smile! I am thankful to the wonderful team and especially Reza for her customer service and care.

John Pearson
3 months ago
Evenly is great. Very responsive customer service, they take the time to explain the steps in your invisiliner treatment and they always treat you with kindness and respect.

Henry Ahn
3 months ago
Two separate dentists guessed that my teeth were so far gone that they were not fixable by Invisalign, and would require metal braces. One guessed 18 months at least. As a last ditch Hail Mary, one of those dentists recommended Dr. Hickory who was a "miracle worker" for her own son's teeth. Dr. Hickory not only fixed my teeth with Invisalign, which I preferred, but the bulk of the movement was finished in well under a year. His staff is very professional and competent and made everything very easy. I'm extremely happy with the results.

Claire Luke
3 months ago
I completed Invisalign treatment with Evenly (formerly Embassy Row ortho) and was very pleased with the results. I shopped around beforehand, and found Dr. Hickory very knowledgeable in identifying the process for best results for my teeth (he knew I needed braces one one tooth to rotate it before starting the aligners, etc). You can take the treatment at your pace, and the clinic was very helpful with as many visits as you need and guidance along the way (and they honored my cancellation fee removal request while my travel was extended). Staff was very friendly, helped me with the best price for my post-treatment retainers, and it was overall an enjoyable experience.

Jodie Senda
5 months ago
Lim is Awesome!!! Very patient!! Amazing!!

Mina Moustafa
6 months ago
Kait is my amazing orthodontist and I'm soooo happy with how easy and smooth everything has been! I got my first trays and I couldn't be more excited!!! I recommend this place to everyone

Jesus Freak
6 months ago
I had been in my liners for over a year through another company with not the results I was looking for and wishing I had done braces. I was offered this last resort opportunity and I am so glad I gave it a chance. Samantha is Awesome! Very professional yet down to earth. The tools I was given were so helpful, I especially liked the "Evenly Boost" tool. I used it almost every time I put my liners back in. It helped reduce the pain and unlike the chewies, I was able put it in my mouth, turn it on and let it do it's job while I went about my business. I highly recommend Evenly if you are considering Invisalign! Theresa

Amanda Guzman
6 months ago
Great experience with Evenly. The staff is super friendly (special shout out to Jasmine!), I was seen quickly, and the way they leverage technology is truly impressive.

Digital six Media
7 months ago
Great experience with the staff at evenly. Ruben was awesome, fast, and efficient at getting me everything I needed. No complaints about choosing them!

m wilson
11 months ago
This review is strictly for Jazmin Dove service. She was very very friendly and educated me on the whole evenly process! I didn't feel rushed and she showed me everything from start to finish on cost, outcome of teeth, and the contract! If you get Jazmine just know that she will respect you and treat you with care. God bless you!

Erika Diaz
12 months ago
I went through evenly for my Invisalign and have been top of the line. Been taken care of and always easy to get in touch and speak with anyone for any questions. Jazmin D. Made sure I got the works and was taken care of. She's amazing ! Totally recommend Evenly for your Invisalign. They do not disappoint on their professionalism and quality.

Dalva Motley
12 months ago
I still at the beginning but the consultation process was wonderful. Jazmin was very informative and helpful. She was very patient and considerate, which I appreciated because this was a big decision for me. I so excited to get started!

Statia Thomas
12 months ago
*Revision* Why you should go to Evenly - - Cost: I have VERY good dental insurance and Evenly is in-network. The total cost was $4,400 for my Invisalign treatment; insurance covered $2,200 and I paid $2,000 up front to get a $200 discount. Other quotes I received were over $7,000. My treatment plan even comes with the V-pro and a retainer. - Office environment: It's very clean, bright and my appointments always start on time. Although there was one time my appointment wasn't showing up in the system, they were able to see me right away. - Staff: Mitch and Christy go above and beyond to make sure you have a good experience. Dr. Hickory is a very experienced and knowledgable man. A little braggadocios about his relationship with Invisalign, but I thought - then he knows what he's doing. - Technology: The dental monitoring app I use weekly to take pictures of my mouth is really cool. I use it to message the team when i have questions. It allows me to take pictures from wherever I am, instead of having to go into the office each week to track my progress. Products: The compacts, chewies, and cleaning foam for aligners are good quality. Although I'm happy a chose Evenly over the two other locations I visited for quotes, I have some advisories. - If you grew up not going to orthodontists, like me, and know nothing about oral healthcare, do your research. There were portions of my treatment plan, like Maryland bridges and extractions, I did not realize were not part of the orthodontic treatment. - Be your own advocate. My first treatment plan included teeth movements and procedures I did not have time to complete before my goal. Dr. Hickory's first treatment plan was more extensive and took longer than the timeframe I had. As an orthodontist, he "sees the big picture" and wanted to fix everything instead of the 3 things I asked for. He did apologize, quickly meet with me in person, then changed my treatment plan with more than enough time to spare. - It's challenging to get the front desk staff to complete requests quickly. Although they are easy to contact, answering the phone every time I called, it took days to hear back about a (not time-sensitive) billing question. Despite the negative parts I would still recommend Evenly because I'm happy with my progress and the overall service. When I brought my concerns to the Evenly staff's attention they were addressed immediately. Picking an orthodontist can be overwhelming because there are lots of shady practioners. Evenly is NOT one of them. It's a nice and honest place to go.

12 months ago
Friendly staff, quick appointments - treatment can take awhile but it's worth the payoff and flexibility

Greggory Marcus
12 months ago
I've been with Dr.Hickory and the Evenly team for several months now and they have exceeded all of my expectations. They are fast and very professional. Every visit has been a joy. My Invisalign treatments are going extremely well, and I'm excited for the outcome of my new and elevated smile! I would recommend this practice to everyone!

Carrie Brady
12 months ago
Evenly is fantastic. It's the modern way to do dental work and Invisalign. I can't say enough about Dr Wayne and his team - as a single full time working mom, efficient and effective is critical for me. I'd recommend Evenly 100%

Fleurevca Francois
12 months ago
Friendly and Professional. Nice background music playing.

Heather Bradley
12 months ago
I had a consult for Invisalign and a teeth cleaning at Evenly and it was a wonderful experience! The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable about my needs in relation to Invisalign. They work with your individualized plan so well. Katie did such a comfortable and thorough cleaning- my teeth felt great after! Got a fun gift bag after too! Will definitely be going back and would recommend highly to others for a more enjoyable dental experience.

Leslie White
12 months ago
Evenly was a awesome visit! Took no time to get me started with my invisaligns. Thanks!

Tim Boylan
12 months ago
I had a great experience at Evenly and will be recommending to friends and family. Convenient, modern office and the staff was pleasant and highly knowledgable. 5-star service all the way around!

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