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Evenly Orthodontics Dupont - Orthodontist in Washington, DC
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Evenly is the nations leading technology platform enabling dentists to provide advanced orthodontics in their practice. Barry Beck, the founderbehind Evenly, who previously founded Bluemercury the nationwide luxury cosmetics brand noticed an increasing demand from customers looking for straighter, healthier teeth and its connection to overall health, wellness and anti-aging.

Beck launched Evenly with Dan Brashear as his co-founder with a mission of bringing advanced oral wellness products and technologies topatients across the nation, combined with world class doctor directed treatment. Wayne Hickory, DMD, MS, MDS, an internationally renowned Orthodontist, joined Evenly as it's Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Hickory has been at the forefront of every major Orthodontic innovation over the past 20 years. After 2 years of research, the team developed the worlds most advanced Orthodontic treatment system.

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