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Friendship Heights Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Washington, DC
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We strive to provide a place where you will feel comfortable and confident that you will receive the attention and care you deserve. We will listen to you,address each of your needs and concerns, and provide you with everything you need to achieve the beautiful smile you want. In short, we promise to take excellent care of you.

We like to think of our practice as the perfect mix of professionalism and fun! Dr. Murphy is acertified orthodontic specialist,which means she completed a two-year residency program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics after completing four years of dental school.

Our team at Friendship Heights Orthodontics is aTop 1%Diamond Invisalign Provider. We have successfully treated more smiles with Invisalign than 99% of providers in North America. We know exactly how to get you the smile you want with the latest technologies (including intraoral scanners and in-office 3-D printing).

Friendship Heights Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Washington, DC

Growing up, I loved spending Saturday mornings working with my dad. He owned a motorcycle shop in my rural Connecticut hometown, so this mostly meant tagging along for the many errands needed to maintain a small business. I always got two lollipops at the bank and was included in all theconversations I was delighted and proud to be, (it was obvious to me), a valuable consultant and business partner.

I blame these mornings for the almost instant certainty I felt when introduced to orthodontics, that it would be the right field for me. Which, I know isnt terribly intuitive, but working with my dad proved to be kind of inspiring. He obviously enjoyed getting to know the clients and vendors he frequently worked with and it was fun to see the pride he expressed in earning the communitys trust and coaching a team to provide services they were all proud to have their names on.

I later saw that this field could provide an opportunity to form those same relationships in a way that would have an incredibly positive impact on peoples lives. It pulled in creativity, artistry, and design all things that I loved. To me, it was perfect. And motorcycles werent really my thing.

Although not a daredevil, Ive always been an active type. Growing up, I played all kinds of sports until college brought me to Wake Forest in North Carolina, where I decided I would become a marathon runner. Despite a laughable first attempt at 26.2 miles, I stuck with it and have now completed 9 full marathons.I also love downhill skiing, rooting for my favorite New York sports teams (mostly the Giants, which isnt always easy) and exploring our city and others while visiting with friends and family.

My orthodontics residency is what brought me to DC. I remember arriving here from Connecticut with my best friend to apartment hunt, excitedly circling the Washington Monument twice before realizing she had punched Washington, DC into our navigation ap and not the name of our hotel. It was a silly mistake that made for a grandiose welcome to a city that would quickly become my home. My ability to get around has (thankfully!) greatly improved in the 7years Ive spent here, and I cant imagine living anywhere else.

We call them the Dream Team! This group of talented and caring womenshares our vision of being the best choice for orthodontic treatment in the Washington, DC area.They are all genuinely nice,entertaining, and appreciate our quest for perfection.

No matter how you arrive, we would be surprised if our team doesnt send you home smiling!Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

Friendship Heights Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Washington, DC

Greetings! I am Jillian, your most excellent financial and insurance coordinator. I am here to make sure you receive the best orthodontic treatment with payment options that are comfortable for you! Our practice is determined tonot let finances stand in the way of getting the treatment you want.

I love meeting new patients and helping them as they take the first steps on their orthodontic journey. Not to mention, it is so totally cool to see the magic of transforming smiles that happens here every day!

I was born in Fairfax, VA but slowly made my way south to Texas when I was a kid. While everything might not be better in Texas it is definitely bigger. I'm looking at you, narrow DC streets! Also, Bluebell ice cream! Have I mentioned that I like snacks? Aside from Harry Potter, snacks are my favorite hobby and I love trying all of the delicious foods that DC has to offer. My family is also pretty cool I guess. It's definitely big! As the oldest of six, I have five built-in best friends, although as any oldest child will tell you it took me a while to actually like any of them. I am currently in a loving relationship with sushi, although who knows what it will be next month! Fingers crossed for tacos.

Friendship Heights Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Washington, DC

Hi there! I'm a native to the DMV, growing up in Arlington and now raising my own 2 children with my husband in Springfield! In my spare time, you can find me on the soccer field sidelines cheering on my kids (6 days a week)! I also enjoy singing soprano in my church choir!As the Scheduling Coordinator, I will be one of the first faces waiting to greet you upon your arrival at the office. My goal and main priority are to provide our patients with exceptional customer service, accommodating your needs, and busy schedules. With years of experience both behind the front desk and in the clinic, I'm ready to help solve any problem you may have.

Friendship Heights Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Washington, DC

I love spending my days working with a great team and caring for our incredible patients. Each person brings so much positive energy to our office, and were always smiling and laughing. Its wonderful to work in an environment where we make people smilewhile developing healthy smiles for them. I create retainers and splints in our onsite lab, along with taking images. My goal each day is to make people smile and enjoy their visits.

Friendship Heights Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Washington, DC

I love working with people and helping them improve their self-esteem by improving their smiles. Its a joy to watch their confidence grow, along with their personality, as they move through care. I spend my days with our patients, making sure they are comfortable and happy while here. I take X-rays, photographs, impressions, and intraoral scans for our doctors to review. I also answer questions from patients and parents about treatment and anything else.

I grew up right outside of Boston and now live in Maryland with my husband, our 1-year-old son, and 2 dogs! The dogs and my son keep me pretty busy but I love finding time to hang out with friends and grab some local pizza!


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Naomi B
3 months ago
Our experience here exceeded any expectation. My daughter lost her retainer and I called over 20 orthodontists to figure out how we could get a replacement ASAP. Although we were new to this practice (our regular ortho could only promise a retained in 7-10 days), they accommodated us so we could be seen the same day, evaluated my daughter and were able to make her a retainer that was ready the next day because they make them in house. Everyone--from the receptionist who coordinated our appointment, to the ladies who scanned and evaluated her to Dr. Murphy--were so kind. Their understanding and generosity during a very stressful time was appreciated beyond measure. Also, their pricing for the replacement retainer was middle of the road. We got quotes for much higher and it would have taken 2-3 weeks! The office is modern and beautiful and you can find free parking on the street. I very highly recommend this amazing practice.

Miriam Galston
3 months ago
Dr. Murphy and her team always are incredibly caring and attentive. When I needed a favor, they were there for me--cheerfully as usual. Also, the price for Invisalign was quite reasonable. I highly recommend this practice.

Justine U
4 months ago
Wonderful orthodontist office with an amazing team! The staff is so helpful and friendly. I'm from out of town and needed a scan to update to my Invisalign. The team at Friendship Heights Orthodontics scheduled me immediately for a scan, and made sure I had all the needed information. When I arrived at the office, it was incredibly clean, and they saw me promptly. I would definitely look forward to making FHO my primary orthodontist if/when I move to the area!

David Don
5 months ago
A current patient. Need to pick up aligners and have some adjustments. Month and half wait which is a good portion of the time he will need with the aligners. Doesn't have enough capacity. Well they were very responsive to the issue. Had an appointment within 24 hours. Think they still have capacity issues but are doing their best to meet demand. Overall good care. Need to throttle new customers until they build up the staff.

Lea Cunningham
9 months ago
Friendly and responsive staff.

Laura Manatos
9 months ago
They're the best!! Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I trust them with my kids teeth and my own.

Sarah Peck
9 months ago
I do not have enough good things to say about Dr. Murphy and her entire team. They made a daunting experience truly enjoyable and I looked forward to every office visit. From the first day I went into the office for Invisalign scans, I could tell this experience would be a good one. Not only is the office itself beautiful, but Dr. Murphy and every single staff member goes out of their way to make you comfortable and answer any and all questions you may have. Dr. Murphy worked with me to make my smile everything I could have hoped for, explaining and perfecting every step, and I am in love with my new teeth. Somehow though, I am actually SAD to be done with my treatments because I wish I could continue going to see the Friendship Heights Orthodontics team on a regular basis! Schedule your consultation; you will not regret it! Thank you Dr. Murphy and staff for a wonderful experience every step of the way!

Andrew Clay
11 months ago
This is the most polished and professional medical office I have ever been to. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly. They utilize modern technology for scans that make the initial consultation very informative and impressive. Most importantly, they worked with me to find the least intrusive, least expensive, effective solution to my jaw issues. You can have confidence in Dr. Murphy. She went above and beyond answering my questions and I knew I would be well taken care of on each visit. I've had dental work elsewhere throughout my life, this practice is by far the best.

Bela Shah Spooner
12 months ago
This is a great orthodontic practice for children and adults. They use the most recent technology to take impressions, x-rays, and determine a treatment plan. I've been very impressed with their service. The staff is extremely friendly, responsive and helpful. I feel very confident knowing that Dr Murphy knows that she's talking about when she creates a plan.

Tara Sakraida
12 months ago
Dr. Murphy is incredible. She was able to solve a 4 year old botched Invisalign case in 4 months. Personable and caring. I highly recommend her and her practice!

Dina Anderson
12 months ago
Orchin is absolutely phenomenal! My 11 year old had detailed questions about the medical benefits of fixing an aesthetic situation that she likes. Dr. Murphy handled her questions as if Grace had the maturity of an adult, really treating her with respect!

12 months ago
The best thing about Orchin is the amazing team that is Dr Murphy and her wonderful staff. The front office staff especially Candace and the rest are pleasant and ready to help. Special mention goes to Orthodontic assistants Andrea, Aaliyah and Nazee. Supremely professional and very attentive. My 8yr old has been lucky to be taken care of, by such capable hands. I highly recommend Orchin.

Molly Natelli
12 months ago
The absolute best! Highly recommend that if you are reading this review, you look no further and book an appointment. Dr. Murphy is professional, knowledgable and has excellent bedside manner. Entire team is kind, efficient and wonderful to work with.

Conrad Bohn
12 months ago
I could not have asked for a better experience than I got from Orchin Orthodontics. The staff are professional and very friendly as well as extremely flexible. On more than one occasion I had to reschedule at the last minute and they always had the dates and times I was looking for. It really does seem like they genuinely care about their patients and are personally invested in getting your teeth to look as good as possible.

Saba Lemma
12 months ago
I have been going to Orchin for over three years and they have always been very considerate, responsive, professional and provided great service. Thank you.

Elizabeth Waters
12 months ago
Orchin Orthodontics is excellent in every way. They are experts at what they do, in addition to being kind and accommodating and professional. It was a pleasure to be a patient there.

Christi Opstrup
12 months ago
Amazing service and flexibility. The staff is efficient and kind. The area is clean and calming. They are coordinating care across three continents for our family. Their responsiveness is greatly appreciated.

nathan bovelle
12 months ago
Friendly staff. Always prompt!

Jess S.
a year ago
I had my braces put on a few days ago and the overall experience was pain free and a bit relaxing. The Orchin team is wonderful and very cohesive, everyone is so friendly. I actually choose Orchin over another very highly ortho facility mostly due to the overall positive energy of the staff and enthusiasm of Dr. Murphy. Also Orchin is very good with correspondence which I also like. I'm looking forward to the next 2 years with these guys ;) Oh they also have in house financing which is a huge plus Plus the location is so ideal and can get your braces tightened then go shopping or grab a bite to eat

Debby M
a year ago
Loved the team and Dr. Murphy, the explanation of treatment was so clear! Definitely a wonderful office! So excited to start this new journey!

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