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3 weeks ago
In the first few weeks of Covid I had what seemed to be an unfortunate incident where I bit into a pit - and chipped my tooth! Thank god we had to wear masks those days in public - my front tooth chipped in half and did not look too good! Thankfully I was referred to Dr. Roshan! What was a devastating issue turned out to be a great experience. She had a lovely office in Midtown area - her staff is great, professional and efficient! She did a veneer for my 4 front teeth. I should have done 6 or shoot all of them! I regret not doing more as they turned out great! I went from looking like a hillbilly to a million dollar smile in a matter of days! Her attention to detail is second to none! I found out that she is the daughter of a very talented woodworker/carpenter - well the apple didn't fall far from the tree. She is a perfectionist. She molded and perfected the Veneers. She really is passionate in all she does at the end I am not sure who was more pleased with the work. She took so many pictures as they really turned out great! After this experience I stopped going to my regular dentist as I preferred the experience with Dr. Roshan. They don't take insurance but don't let that stop you they file your paper work and the insurance sends the check in no time. It actually is better than getting called in just because the Dentist knows you have end of the year insurance money left! I always hated that kind of work! With Dr. Roshan you get unbiased decision making based on what is best for you! How it should be. Thank you Dr. Roshan you are a blessing in your profession and to us in DC area! Keep up the great work.

Milton Leon
2 months ago
Dr. Roshan is a great Dentist. I highly recommend.

3 months ago
Do not go here the braces are $5,000 and she also refuses to hire me for a simple office job.

Eugenie Lund-Simon
3 months ago
Dr. Roshan is the greatest human - I had some horrible experiences with dentists in DC and Dr. Roshan has truly been a lifesaver. She is an absolute perfectionist who will not be happy until the client is perfectly content. She always takes time for me from her busy schedule to make any changes or revisions to make sure everything is perfect. I owe her so much, truly the most skilled and kind dentist in DC, I could not recommend her more highly. Thanks for everything!

James C
5 months ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Roshan for many years and have nothing but extremely positive feedback to share about about my experience. Dr. Roshan truly cares about her patients and I believe is absolutely committed to finding the best outcomes while also ensuring a pleasant experience. This patient-focused approach extends throughout the entire office, from Janae to each of the dental assistants. I have referred many friends to this practice over the years and as far as I know each of them remains a patient to this day. Absolutely recommend without hesitation!

Karl Moeller
6 months ago
I started with Dr. Roshan many years ago. She was in a larger practice, but I had started with one of the other doctors. That dentist told me there was a crack in a molar and I'd need a crown, saying "I can do it next week, but don't wait a year." On my next visit there, I asked the front desk for a new doctor "who was great with young kids, too?" The staff recommended Dr. Roshan. She took one look at the molar and said it was fine... which is still is, maybe 15 years later! My kids and I have seen her ever since -- following her to her own practice. She's been amazing with each of my now much older 'babies'. And this -- the same story has repeated itself over the years. For example: my kids have a dental plan and two-or-so years ago I figured I'd try taking them to a covered provider. The new dentist told me my 15 y.o. daughter needed 7 cavities drilled and filled - in her adult teeth! Again I heard, "We can do it next week, but don't wait!" We went to Dr. Roshan to double check. One was a very small cavity, the other 6 were stains and just needed a buffing and sealant. I gladly paid more to have less done, and to protect my kids teeth from unneeded drilling. Finally, I've witnessed what an incredibly hard worker and dedicated person Dr. Roshan is. She studies and stays at the top of her field, and moved to her own practice because she wanted to provide a higher level of care. She poured her heart and sole into her business, is an excellent dentist, and is great with my kids. Yep, sometimes I pay more to go to her practice (and they do submit a bill to my insurance so I get a bit of coverage), but sometimes it really feels like I'm saving money - AND adding years to my teeth. If I didn't switch to her years ago, I might be getting that crown replaced by now!

Miles Evers
8 months ago
Dr Roshan and Janae are absolutely fantastic. For most of my life, I had awful experiences with dentists. Due to poor decisions at a younger age, my teeth were in bad shape (yellow, gingivitis, crooked, etc.). Every dentist I have seen over the course of my life has shamed me for the state of my teeth and given the same recommendations: brush and floss more. I did that. Nothing worked. As a result, I gave up hope and lost confidence in my smile. About two years ago, I decided I had enough and scheduled an appointment with Georgetown Dentistry for a veneer consultation. Since then, I have gone through every procedure under the sun, from your basic dental cleaning to an implant to veneers. My teeth are straight and white, my gums are healthy, and my confidence is greatly improved. This is solely because of Georgetown Dentistry. Dr Roshan warmth and encouragement changed my attitude. She was dedicated to my dental hygiene and walked me through the treatment plan. Moreover, she is incredibly talented. She pinpointed problems that prior dentists overlooked or in some cases, caused in my mouth, and provided solutions that other dentists never gave. Her only fault, if you want to call it one, that she may be considered a perfectionist. She has a precise eye for the color and alignment of teeth. If she felt she didn't place something right or do it good enough, she would do it again and put in the time and effort until it was perfect. If I felt any discomfort during or after a procedure, she would stop and make me comfortable. Janae was also fantastic. She was always available and very accommodating. made scheduling a breeze and walked me through the billing process. Most importantly, she is a good person at heard. Whenever I walked into the office, she greeted me warmly, asked my about day, and chatted about my progress. She was just as encouraging and dedicated to my smile as Dr. Roshan. In sum, Georgetown Dentistry is the only dentist office I've ever been to that made me excited to go to the dentist. I can't emphasize enough how crazy that is for me to say. Dr Roshan and Janae sincerely care for their patients. Your comfort, hygiene, and confidence is their number one priority. If you go to them, I promise you will not be disappointed and you'll leave the office smiling like I did.

Rebecca Brown
9 months ago
very bad experience with dental assistant and the dentist. I would not be going back

M Perrin
9 months ago
I visited this doctor a few months a go for routine checkup and they gave me a $30k treatment plan - and they didn't tell me that they were out of network with my insurance I would not recommend this office. Please look elsewhere. I have switched to Dental Spa and I am much happier there.

Bren WW
9 months ago
My regular dental office was closed for the holidays so I tried them for an emergency and I was dissatisfied- would not recommend unless you like paying arm and a leg for every routine care. Not for me

Gi Ro
9 months ago
I have been treated multiple times by Dr. Roshan for my dental needs. Since my first visit I had the immediate feeling that I was in good hands while receiving dental care. For every appointment she explains treatment plan and prepares me properly for the procedure. I appreciate that she gives me time to rest my jaw when I need it, if the treatment requires a long session. The results have always been above expectations, and I did not experience any complication or failure. She is very focused on patient needs differently from most dental businesses that are productivity oriented. I recommend her to family, friends and anybody who needs a superior quality dental treatment that you cannot easily receive form current dental professionals.

Janet Lilian Tamba Gborie
11 months ago
I have never been this happy in my entire life like today. I honestly shed tears of Joy after seeing visiting Dr. Maya. She's so patient and understanding. I am suppose to go for my moms wedding and I have a front missing tooth. I have felt so embarrassed and insecure about it. She was kind enough to help me fix my smile. I'm forever grateful. She works with a great assistant aswell.

Laila Simone
12 months ago
I came in to see Dr. Roshan because of a gap I've had between my two front teeth. She recommended eight Porcelain Veneers. I had a few sessions and absolutely LOVE the outcome of my results. The staff also immediately gave me a warm welcome and exceeded my expectations. Overall great experience :) I will definitely be coming back to Georgetown Cosmetic Dentistry for any cosmetic dental work in the future!

Alex Wilson
12 months ago
Dr. Roshan is a fantastic cosmetic dentist! She was so attentive to my every need, very detailed in her post operative instructions, and just a really awesome personality. Janae was also so helpful with all the information she provided me and my scheduling of follow-up appointments. I had a crown lengthening procedure and it was so easy and the recovery was comfortable. I also loveee my results! If you are nervous about cosmetic dentistry, you wont have to be with Dr. Roshan. Thank you guys so much!

Dominic Carbone
12 months ago
Dr. Roshan is an absolutely fantastic dentist! I have never received a more thorough, precise, teeth cleaning than from Dr. Roshan. More importantly, she, and everyone else at Georgetown Cosmetic Dentistry, are kind human beings. I genuinely look forward to my appointments with Dr. Roshan, and it is pretty clear from the smiles on everyone's faces in the reception area that her other patients feel the same way.

Ana Simon
12 months ago
I have been trying to get veneers for about 2 years now and tried countless dentists around DC/MD/VA area but none would listen to my exact needs. Dr. Roshan was the first dentist to listen to what I wanted and sit down and explain to me all my options; whether it was starting with Invisalign or going straight to veneers or other types of services. She also took time to explain to me how I can make sure my teeth remain healthy and avoid chipping. She is so friendly and warm and professional that I knew I could trust her to begin my veneer process. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Roshan was very professional and so devoted to making sure I knew what to expect and to make sure I was happy with my final results. Her office staff is also friendly and super helpful with scheduling and financing flexibility. I am SO happy with my results and can't stop smiling as I write this review. Thanks Dr. Roshan and team for such a perfect experience!

Erin McElvaney
12 months ago
So pleased with the artistry this team did for my smile! After years of delaying getting veneers I finally came in to consult as my teeth were turning dark due to enamel loss and I was becoming very self conscious about it. Georgetown cosmetic dentistry did a thorough assessment and I have a beautiful and very natural smile. I can't thank them enough. It's been a year and a half since the work was done and I have a great bite and no issues with any of the 20+ veneers and caps. No tooth went untouched. Well worth the investment !

Rebecca E. Gomez
12 months ago
You want a dentist to be excellent in three key areas: 1. technical expertise and abilities, 2. an eye for aesthetics and 3. kindness and a good bedside manner. Dr. Roshan has all three qualities! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Otherwise, you have a kind doctor who can't match your tooth color, a jerk doctor who properly fills your root canal, or a nice aesthetic that fails to hold up. I went to Dr. Roshan with two busted front teeth that needed shoddy dentistry rehabilitated, a root canal, whitening and new crowns. It was a lot of work and Dr. Roshan clearly knew what she was talking about every step of the way. Her competency and expertise became apparent with every recommendation she made throughout the process, and her attention to detail made me feel confident in my new smile. She must have graduated at the top of her class, because her technical knowledge was unparalleled. Furthermore, Dr. Roshan truly cares about her patients and takes pride in the final outcome. She cared about the minutiae in a way you'd want someone to when they are overseeing extensive medical care. She was kind and communicative of what to expect. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy dentist to get work taken care of. Thank you to Dr. Roshan and her team!

Spencer Emma
12 months ago
Excellent job by Dr. Roshan. I had bonding on my two front teeth that kept chipping off and I decided that I wanted to get two veneers to fix the problem for good. At the consultation Dr. Roshan did an extremely thorough job analyzing my smile and explained everything she noticed and could fix, or that I should leave alone. Dr. Roshan was the third dentist that I went to a consultation for veneers and was by far the best. My two veneers came out incredible. The work Dr. Roshan does is top notch. Overall this is the best thing I've ever done and I'm so glad I went to Dr. Roshan for veneers. She does excellent work, could not recommend more highly!

Ember Dart
12 months ago
I love this place! Very professional and clean, staff there was very friendly. I'd definitely recommend it!

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