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Something most people dont know about John is that hes a huge nerd. Growing up, he wrote programs to 'hack' his video games. He also enjoys traveling. His all-time favourite trips have been to Thailand, and just about anywhere in Mexico. Johns favourite breakfast food is his fathers homemade pancakes, covered in home-made maple syrup.

If there is one thing that I care about in dentistry, its getting it right. The planning process for each of our patients is very important. Oftentimes, Ill hear new patients say, this is the most thorough exam Ive ever had in my life. Our attention to detail and gathering multiple data points allows me and my team to provide the highest quality and most predictable treatment outcomes that dentistry today has to offer. From Day one all the way through the final treatment day, the quote that I live by is to do the harder right, instead of the easier wrong. Dentistry is a precision profession, and striving for excellence gives me a great sense of joy and satisfaction that my patients benefit from.

  • Moreover, I am genuinely delighted with the results I truly am! Dr. Tromblay is top shelf as is his entire staffDorothy JensenClientDr. Tromblay is a miracle worker. He went out of his way to explain everything every step of the way and made me feel very comfortable.Jessie WatsonClientI have referred coworkers, friends and family members to Mark. He along with his staff make going to the dentist a non-event!Andre CrossClient
  • MT Dental Partners – Washington DC - General dentist in Washington, DCMT Dental Partners – Washington DC - General dentist in Washington, DCMT Dental Partners – Washington DC - General dentist in Washington, DC

    Gloria has worked as a dental assistant for thirty-seven years. On her days off, she enjoys reading and traveling. Hawaii is her favorite destination. In college, her favourite classes were (fittingly) anatomy and physiology. A random fact about Gloria? She loves life. Her best de-stressor is spending time with her grandchildren.

    Aside from working for M Street, Dani is also an examiner for dental hygiene Clinical Board exams. Dani was a dental assistant for more than twenty years, prior to dental hygiene school. Her hobbies include travel, and gardening. On a Sunday off, you can see her brunching, or at church.Her favourite snack? Chocolateof any kind.

    Judy is M Streets patient care specialist. A random fact about Judy is that she loves being a dental assistant (and is allergic to both cats and dogs). Her favourite hobby is reading a good book, and her favourite vacation destination is Canada.

    I love the family atmosphere of this practice. I believe the first hello over the phone to the time a patient walks into our office is just as important as the treatment they receive. So I strive to make each person feel comfortable, and a part of our dental family.

    Nia has been a dental assistant for 10 years. Her favorite hobby is gardening. Her favourite snack? Snow crab legs. Nia believes that the best de-stresser is meditation and yoga. On a Sunday off, you can pretty much always find her at home with family.

    Chuck is M Street's in-house lab technician. Something most people dont know about him is that he has only visited 8 of the 50 states. On a Sunday off, you can find him relaxing and tinkering around the house. The best de-stresser? Music, says Chuck.

    Larisa is M Street Dentals patient concierge. When shes not lighting the office upwith her charisma, you can find her hiking her favourite local trails, or cooking. The best destressor, according to Larisa? A long hike or bike ride, with music playing through my headphones.

    Amanda Todd is a native of South Carolina. While there she attended Greenville Technical College completing her Associate degree in Business and also earned a degree in Applied Science with a major in Dental Hygiene. As a licensed Registered Dental Hygienist in the state of New York, Amanda has an Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide certification and is a member of both the American Dental Hygienists' Association and the Dental Hygienists' Association of the State of New York. Now making her home in the Washington area she hopes to bring a bit of southern hospitality to her patients. Educating patients is her priority, while helping them to obtain, maintain and enhance their overall smile and oral health. In her spare time Amanda enjoys traveling and trying different foods/restaurants. She has a passion for nature and the outdoors and loves to read.


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    Rachel Brianna
    4 months ago
    I have to write a raving review for this wonderful office. Dr. Slate performed a thorough exam for me, and I have never had such a great dentist visit before! He was very knowledgable and kind and I feel like I'm in good hands. Jamillah, Nia, and Judy are also wonderful and deserve the highest accolades. Try to find street parking if possible, because the garage is very pricy!

    Inessa Mischenko
    5 months ago
    I've been a patient of Dr.Tromblay for over 14 years. We went through tons of different procedures following the comprehensive plan specifically designed for me. I am deeply impressed by the professionalism, knowledge, skill level and friendliness of everyone in this practice. If you add the cleanness of the office and modern equipment, you would realize why I keep coming to Dr. Tromblay years after years. Highly recommend!

    Nadira Clarke
    5 months ago
    I have been a patient of Dr. Tromblay for over 15 years. He is the most wonderful dentist -- he is careful, thoughtful, proactive and always kind. His practice leverages cutting edge techniques with old fashioned service. The dental hygienist, Cookie is simply the best. I live this practice!

    C Howland
    6 months ago
    I have been going to Dr. Tromblay and M Street Dental for nearly a decade. Everything about this practice makes it the very best. Dr. Tromblay has done excellent work on my teeth, including replacing stained veneer coverings and dealing with old gold onlays. I have seen Dr. Slate a couple of times when Mark was away and he is also excellent, dealing perfectly with an emergency during the pandemic lockdown. The Covid protocols are superb, and everyone is extremely careful and safety conscious. I can't say enough nice things about this office: everyone is kind, considerate, and excellent in their work. The front office staff, Jamillah and Larissa, are lovely and highly organized. Judy, Gloria, and Nia, the dental assistants, are all top notch, warm, and kind. You could not be in better hands. The two dental hygienists, Dani and Amanda, are also both great and thorough. Finally, I also appreciate Charlie, who does perfect gold work for those of us who are still using gold. My thanks to this entire office from a very happy and satisfied patient.

    Jean P
    6 months ago
    This Dental practice is simply world class!!!! I have been a patient for a year. They provide state of the art dental treatment and deeply care about their patients health and well being. Covid protective protocols are followed extremely closely. From the moment you step through the door you are warmly greeted by one of the receptionists, Jamillah or Larisa. My dentist is Dr Tromblay - what an incredible professional! He is very personable and simply loves what he does and it shows in the outcome of treatment, for example, crowns - color, fit and shape are wonderful. My teeth have never looked so good!! He and his team are very flexible. For example, one morning, shortly after I became a patient, I woke up with a sore tooth. I called the office and he saw me the same day. He determined that the tooth had developed an abscess (failed root canal performed years earlier by a different dentist) and was able to refer me to an endodontist who performed a new root canal. Post the root canal, Dr. Tromblay placed a new crown on my tooth and all is good!!! I deeply appreciate that Dr. Tromblay stays current on research and treatment in the Dental profession. This ensures all patients in this practice have the best and safest treatment available. The dental staff seem so cheerful and many have worked in the office for years. A special thank you to Amanda (Dental Hygienist, Judy (Dental Assistant) and Chuck (specialist who creates crowns) and really the entire team at Georgetown M Street Dental who have been so very kind and warm when they see me in the office and it should be noted that they treat all the patients this way!!! I am so grateful that I found Dr. Tromblay and his team!!!!!

    Kathi Loughlin
    6 months ago
    Our entire family has been going to this dental practice since we moved to DC in 1983. I feel like Dr Tromblay and his excellent team have been part of our lives. Nearly 40 years of great dental care!

    Linda T
    7 months ago
    Absolute best doctor in my list of great doctors. Dr Trombley is a perfectionist and cares about health and aesthetics. Not a better dentist anywhere.

    Pauline Johnson-Brown
    7 months ago
    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Tromblay and his Staff. I was referred to Dr. Tromblay when I was faced with a complex dental emergency. Dr. Tromblay did a thorough diagnosis he immediately reduced my concerns and stress. Dr. Tromblay's office is almost " Spa Like" I mean this sincerely- the staff is caring, there is bottled water in the waiting room, CV procedures are reassuring not intrusive, Spotify 80's music is playing in the background, there are beautiful views from every office, also video's to watch during onces procedure, even a hot towel with the scent of Eucalyptus to wipe your hands and face when its time to leave. Dr. Tromblay and his staff have created a caring, nuturing enviornment. I always know when I leave that I have had the very best dental care and Yes, I do leave with a smile on my face. I highly recommend Dr Tromblay he is a dentist you can trust. Sincerely, Pauline

    D. Lee Hinshaw Jr
    9 months ago
    It was easy for me to make an appointment with Dr. Slate. Everyone in the office were super nice and accommodating. Dr. Slate sat down with me to find out what I was looking to do. He answered all my questions and offered other options for me to consider. He took his time with me and did a great job. I would highly recommend him.

    J R
    9 months ago
    Super awesome clinic. Saw me last minute. Staff is exemplary. I have a plan of action for a naughty little baby tooth that won't let go! Yay! Thanks guys!

    Laura Heinrich
    9 months ago
    The best, most meticulous, caring, attention paying, painless, dental care I have received in my 75 years of caring for my teeth. I am including: fillings (old and replaced) extractions, braces, veneers. Expensive AND worth every cent to be able to smile. Total staff is exceptional - helpful and pay attention to detail.

    Julius Dillon
    12 months ago
    Went in for an emergency tooth extraction.... first both woman at the front desk where extremely helpful and I appreciate them. The doc and his assistant where also amazing an I can't thank them enough.... thank you all again!!!!!

    Dava Berkman
    12 months ago
    Georgetown M Street Dental is an excellent dental practice. My dentist, Dr Tromblay, takes a real interest in me and my dental issues. He ensures that crowns fit perfectly and perseveres until you're 100% pleased with the results. The office is immaculate and the dental assistants are extremely capable.

    Janet Abrams
    12 months ago
    I've been a patient of the practice for more than 20 years and highly recommend Dr. Mark Tromblay and his wonderful staff. When friends grumble about going to the dentist, I realize how fortunate I am to have a world-class care team who take genuine interest in my dental health, addressing (as painlessly as possible!) any problems that arise and delivering thorough preventive services. The office environment is pleasant and comfortable -- Everyone there greets me warmly, and I even get to watch Netflix animal videos on a screen overhead! Dr. Tromblay always has his eye on the future, advising me on how to optimize my chances of maintaining healthy teeth and gums 'til I'm at least 100.

    John McNally
    12 months ago
    Before I describe my treatment journey with Dr. Tromblay, Dr. Slate, and staff, I would like to describe the COVID safety protocols that have been put in place for patient and staff safety. You may be concerned about receiving dental treatment during the COVID 19 pandemic but should not delay your treatment. First and foremost, the practice has a unit in each treatment bay that recirculates the air and has UV light that kills virus. Second, there is a plastic shield around each treatment bay so that each bay is contained. The practice has also implemented safety and screening procedures for patients and staff, including temperature checks, increased hand washing, and a special rinse that all patients complete before treatment begins. Finally, the drilling speed while receiving treatment has been reduced to reduce the amount of splashing and for regular six month cleanings, polish is applied with a toothbrush instead of using the electronic tool. It is important to note that not maintaining your dental health can have negative effects on your overall health so please do not delay treatment. I feel completely comfortable receiving care in this practice, both before and after COVID, and the results have been remarkable. My journey with Dr. Tromblay started in May 2019. I was referred by my periodontist, Dr. Zalewsky, for replacement of a cracked veneer that had been placed in 2007. In addition to the cracked veneer, I also had spaces in between my top front teeth and the shape of the lateral teeth was not uniform. I also lacked cuspid guidance with my left cuspid. Dr. Tromblay put together a comprehensive plan to address all of these concerns with 5 crowns across the top front, including teeth whitening to get me the brightest smile possible. The plan included crown lengthening at Dr. Zalewsky's office to get the gums in the correct position. I've since had 3 crowns with Dr. Tromblay and a 4th is planned for next year. I've had so many compliments regarding my top front teeth and these look great so having treatment at Dr. Tromblay's office was really a game changer for me. The final results were better than expected and I never could have imagined this outcome. I'd like to offer some comments about the culture and professionalism that exists within this office. First and foremost, it is clear to me that this team enjoys working with one another and respects each other. This brings a certain level of comfort to me as a patient and this is not a widespread characteristic among all work teams. The team strives for perfection and places a lot of attention on details in their work. In terms of comfort, Dr. Tromblay is very gentle when he places anesthesia in your gums before treatment and is so gentle you can barely feel it. When I had my teeth whitening, the assistant Gloria and Dr. Slate gave me the option of the high performance gel or sensitive gel. That same day, Dr. Slate took several measurements of my teeth and face so that my crowns would be the perfect shape and size. He was covering for Dr. Tromblay who had a death in the family and he exceeded my expectations. This was before COVID and I only expected a handshake and simple hello. He went out of his way with his time and effort on my case and I really appreciate it. Finally, after my first crown treatment, Dr. Tromblay called me that evening to see how I was doing. My dental work would not have been possible without the support of several highly capable staff members. Cindi, Nia, and Judy have helped chairside with procedures and impressions. Chuck has been involved in my treatment as well, doing all of the behind the scenes work in the lab. Dani is M Street Dental's hygienist. In addition to her high capabilities, she is a delight to speak with. Finally, Jamillah is M Street Dental's concierge. You can always count on Jamillah for a bright smile, warm greeting, and all of the coordination needed to schedule appointments related to your treatment plan. I highly recommend this practice for all of your dental care needs.

    Scott Maberry
    12 months ago
    Dr. Slate and Dr. Tromblay are an amazing team. Expect a professional and courteous greeting from the excellent staff, a comprehensive examination, a thoughtful and detailed evidence-based treatment plan, and meticulous attention to detail. Put all that together with the friendly but never smarmy "chairside" manner of the whole team, and you get what in my personal experience is the best dental treatment I've ever had. Highly recommended.

    Mary Lehner
    12 months ago
    I have been a patient of Dr. Tromblay's for years, and I am constantly impressed by his and his office's excellence and professionalism (particular shout-outs to Judy and Gloria). During the pandemic, they have taken their care to another level, sealing off patient rooms, using high quality air filtration systems, and enacting the strictest COVID protocols. I am a nervous patient, but not in Dr.Tromblay's office, even in COVID times. Wish I could give extra stars!

    Cathy Solomon
    12 months ago
    This dental practice is the best, staffed with highly skilled, caring professionals. Their covid-19 protocols are extremely thorough, and the staff takes the time to explain how they have altered practices to reduce risk given what is known about how the virus spreads. I felt very safe during my visit.

    Olivia Sheldon
    12 months ago
    #1, Best of the Best Dentist in our area and beyond, and I've been to quite a few, unfortunately. I completely trust Dr. Tromblay's incredible skill, expertise, and craftsmanship. Seriously, he's like an artist with his work, from sculpting my numerous crows and fillings, fixing my bite, adjusting a night guard, etc. He has literally saved me, as I came to him in 2014, in crisis dental mode, with tons of pain and issues. He plotted out a plan and made me feel confident and calm--not an easy task! He's patient and precise, extremely intelligent and thorough, explains every option, describes what he's doing before and as he's doing it, and is so gentle with numbing (that's a treat!). He's the consummate professional, with a sympathetic touch! During these Covid times, he has extra safety measures in place (patients don't cross one another, rooms separated by plastic (looks hospital grade,) air purifier in EACH room--very comforting during scary times when you still need to go to the dentist. His staff is friendly and caring too. When you're desperate and in pain, which I have been too many times to count over the years, you want reliable, dependable, kind, and an expert in the field Dr. Tromblay exceeds expectations! I 1,000% recommend the special, gifted, one and only Dr. Tromblay!

    Rosario Santos
    12 months ago
    Exceptional Dentist, Amazing Staff & TOPNOTCH COVID PRECAUTIONS!! I saw Dr. Tromblay today to get a tooth fixed, and per usual, his work was flawless. It was reassuring to see the precautions in place to keep his patients and team safe. Each room is completely encapsulated and equipped with air purifiers, making it feel like you're the only one in the office. These efforts are much appreciated during a time when anxiety is through the roof! I've been a patient now for 15 years, and I could not be happier. The expertise, professionalism, and dedication of the entire team is off the charts. If you're in need of dental care, check them out. You won't be disappointed!

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