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Something most people dont know about John is that hes a huge nerd. Growing up, he wrote programs to 'hack' his video games. He also enjoys traveling. His all-time favourite trips have been to Thailand, and just about anywhere in Mexico. Johns favourite breakfast food is his fathers homemade pancakes, covered in home-made maple syrup.

If there is one thing that I care about in dentistry, its getting it right. The planning process for each of our patients is very important. Oftentimes, Ill hear new patients say, this is the most thorough exam Ive ever had in my life. Our attention to detail and gathering multiple data points allows me and my team to provide the highest quality and most predictable treatment outcomes that dentistry today has to offer. From Day one all the way through the final treatment day, the quote that I live by is to do the harder right, instead of the easier wrong. Dentistry is a precision profession, and striving for excellence gives me a great sense of joy and satisfaction that my patients benefit from.

  • Moreover, I am genuinely delighted with the results I truly am! Dr. Tromblay is top shelf as is his entire staffDorothy JensenClientDr. Tromblay is a miracle worker. He went out of his way to explain everything every step of the way and made me feel very comfortable.Jessie WatsonClientI have referred coworkers, friends and family members to Mark. He along with his staff make going to the dentist a non-event!Andre CrossClient
  • MT Dental Partners – Washington DC - General dentist in Washington, DCMT Dental Partners – Washington DC - General dentist in Washington, DCMT Dental Partners – Washington DC - General dentist in Washington, DC

    Gloria has worked as a dental assistant for thirty-seven years. On her days off, she enjoys reading and traveling. Hawaii is her favorite destination. In college, her favourite classes were (fittingly) anatomy and physiology. A random fact about Gloria? She loves life. Her best de-stressor is spending time with her grandchildren.

    Aside from working for M Street, Dani is also an examiner for dental hygiene Clinical Board exams. Dani was a dental assistant for more than twenty years, prior to dental hygiene school. Her hobbies include travel, and gardening. On a Sunday off, you can see her brunching, or at church.Her favourite snack? Chocolateof any kind.

    Judy is M Streets patient care specialist. A random fact about Judy is that she loves being a dental assistant (and is allergic to both cats and dogs). Her favourite hobby is reading a good book, and her favourite vacation destination is Canada.

    I love the family atmosphere of this practice. I believe the first hello over the phone to the time a patient walks into our office is just as important as the treatment they receive. So I strive to make each person feel comfortable, and a part of our dental family.

    Nia has been a dental assistant for 10 years. Her favorite hobby is gardening. Her favourite snack? Snow crab legs. Nia believes that the best de-stresser is meditation and yoga. On a Sunday off, you can pretty much always find her at home with family.

    Chuck is M Street's in-house lab technician. Something most people dont know about him is that he has only visited 8 of the 50 states. On a Sunday off, you can find him relaxing and tinkering around the house. The best de-stresser? Music, says Chuck.

    Larisa is M Street Dentals patient concierge. When shes not lighting the office upwith her charisma, you can find her hiking her favourite local trails, or cooking. The best destressor, according to Larisa? A long hike or bike ride, with music playing through my headphones.

    Amanda Todd is a native of South Carolina. While there she attended Greenville Technical College completing her Associate degree in Business and also earned a degree in Applied Science with a major in Dental Hygiene. As a licensed Registered Dental Hygienist in the state of New York, Amanda has an Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide certification and is a member of both the American Dental Hygienists' Association and the Dental Hygienists' Association of the State of New York. Now making her home in the Washington area she hopes to bring a bit of southern hospitality to her patients. Educating patients is her priority, while helping them to obtain, maintain and enhance their overall smile and oral health. In her spare time Amanda enjoys traveling and trying different foods/restaurants. She has a passion for nature and the outdoors and loves to read.

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