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Moises Casarrubias
a week ago
Very bad crevice one has to wait 1 hour to be attended with appointment

Terrie marshall
4 weeks ago
As of 2022 dr Altmon is no longer in office at this location, I personally would rate them at about a 1. The doctor is a little unprofessional and they have so many ppl in the office at the same time. Also does not work well with children with special needs and have very little patients. I don't even understand why he's a Childrens dentist

laverne bedney
4 months ago
i give this place 5 stars because my son was comfortable as well as i the place was really nice and the service was great

Terita Neal
5 months ago
Very unprofessional office I've work in pediatric and general and never experienced what I did today. My granddaughter had an appointment at 12p.m. On 5/26/22 when we got there it was too many from desk they had good out very unprofessional for a dental office. When they answer the phones they don't sound polite they don't say the business name they just say hello! Very poor customer service. My granddaughter was getting a cleaning they hygienist didn't even speak or introduce herself very unprofessional she cleaned my granddaughter teeth in less than 5 minutes never seen that happen then the doctor came didn't introduce himself at that very moment I knew I would never return he only examined the teeth that he saw cavities on and that was a poor examine but quick to put a crown on kids teeth that office is for the Hispanics not that I'm racist but they don't explain both to you glad I knew how to look at the X-ray and understand what I was looking at because I am a dental assistant needless to say he showed no other concern or care for my granddaughter teeth then when checking out I'm telling the from desk that I need the treatment plan she acted like she didn't know what she was doing I eventually told her don't bother and left that office need experienced front desk that knows what they are doing and people that care about the kids well being

Karina Gutierrez
6 months ago
Dr. Altmon and his team are very professional, lovable and kind! I've been taking all of my kids here for 9+ years and my kids love him! He makes kids feel comfortable and even enjoy the appointment. I will recommend him anytime! Thank You for everything you do :)

Maria Martinez
6 months ago
I had a dentist appointment with my child whom missed school, i went late to work so my daughter can make it to the appointment iam walking in the door just for them to tell me that there shipment didnt come in. So they had to reschedule my appointment Its sad that they are not mindfulness of other people life Dr. E.L. Altmon come in the room no greet,no apologize with an empty bottle had the nerve to say this hasnt happen in 5years WHAT the fact they cant be a more profesional and Communicate calling people to reschedule instead of wasting there time stoping the world to come to this appointment they dont communicate at all

Tracey Guardado
7 months ago
They barely answer the calls. When they answer, it bothers them to handle the call, very unprofessional secretaries when answer the phone or in person they sound sleepy and grumpy. It is very hard to communicate and make and change appointments specially because the appointments are so far. The waiting room is usually crowded and they have no hand sanitizer handly. The patient waits 30 min and the dental assistant spend 5 min in the child. I think she has too much work that they keep missing cavities. The Dr is charismatic but only comes to see the kid's mouth for 30 seconds. The The office has a great potential and could do better. Sad to go whith 2 custumers but I was patient enough for 6 years.

Isiah Thomas
7 months ago
My experience today was not great. I arrived at the dental office with my son shortly before his appointment time. As we sat and waited to be called, I noticed every patient(at least 3 families) that came after us was being called to the back. My son's mom joined us as we waited. Shortly after she arrived we were called to the back. The dental hygienist/assistant told us that they didn't see us which is odd because our name was the first name on the sign-in sheet and there are only 8 seats in the waiting area. The same dental hygienist/assistant proceeded to direct questions and comments towards my sons mom only. Never directing any questions or instructions to me as if I wasn't there. She seemed to be rushing as she was cleaning my son's teeth and also expressed to my son the following:"when you're home have your mom help you with brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every night". This is problematic because my son lives with both of his parents equally and I feel both parents should be included in whatever instructions, questions, or comments that's given. Overall, my son had a good appointment. He loves going to the dentist and enjoyed Dr. Altmon's humor.

Abdenbi Dbilij
7 months ago
Doctor and nurses very friendly and good staff

9 months ago
The Doctor, Nurses and other staff are really friendly. They are patient in explaining and clarifying doubts. Keep up the good job.

Gabrielle Burno
12 months ago
My 6 year old son had two teeth removed using sedation. Dr. Altmon and the entire staff was very professional and helpful and kept my son calm and comfortable during the procedure.

Kristyna Paulikova
12 months ago
Haven't even been there yet but lady on the phone was very rude and impatient when making my first appointment so not sure if I even want to take my child there.

Clydia Roy
12 months ago
Excellent dentist everyone is nice and helpful

gelen avilez
12 months ago
(Translated by Google) Excellent service, the staff is very friendly and they have a lot of patience with children 100% recommended (Original) Excelente servicio , el personal es muy amable y tienen mucha paciencia con los ninos 100% recomendado

Thereal Me
12 months ago
The doctors office is very good with keeping your appointment on time as scheduled!! Very child friendly environment. The doctor is amazing most of all!!

Kadie Leach
12 months ago
So good with kids and favorite part is how they take film like back in the day...the machine goes around the child's head..I am loving this place!

12 months ago
They have terrible customer service. All the staff are super rude they don't know how to treat kids. I went to sign my name lady was name do you speak English shouting to me ridiculous

Roselyn Shellington
12 months ago
Office over crowded,call to state i was running late, the receptionist forgot she was at a business answered inappropriately but realized when I didn't understand her response. During the pandemic, should provide more time between clients due to the size of the waiting room. The dental hygienist very professional was great in handwash and change gloves between clients. Noticed staff walking with gloves on as they move around the office. The actual work was great.

Yanet Hernandez
12 months ago
Excellent doctor

Sheila Pigford
a year ago
My kids haven't had their wire changed on their braces since Feb. I understand the pandemic hit but when everything opened back up I called several times left messages finally spoke to someone and they said their aren't doing braces yet and that was in june-july. Here it is almost October and still nothing. This is definitely not the way you do business.

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