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Lillian Parr
3 weeks ago
positive experience

Maria Still
3 weeks ago
Great Appointment! Markowitz Dental staff members were friendly, helpful and easy to talk to. The office was clean and in order. Drs. Markowitz was very friendly, he listened to my concerns and took time to provide clear choices for me to review and decide what would be best for me. He answered all of my questions and concerns. I did not feel rushed during my visit.

Greg Gold
a month ago
Dr. Markowitz is the most knowledgeable and pleasant Dentist I've ever encountered. He communicated very clearly about exactly what I need during his initial exam. It was less work than I expected, which is always a good thing. His office Staff is also extremely professional and very nice. I highly recommend Markowitz Dental! 10 Stars!

Susan Barron
a month ago
Dr Eric is the best prosthodontist in the area. He is professional, caring and funny. If you want top notch dental care this is the place to be. I am a dental hygienist, so I know the good, the bad and the ugly. Dr Eric is one of the great ones. He has a great eye for restorative, detail, and is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with all the latest technology. He will make you love going to the dentist!

Clarence Evans
a month ago
They made you feel important, and every was willing to assist you with whatever you needed. Dr. Markowitz treated you like family.

a month ago
Had a infection, they were able to get me an early appointment the next day and took great care of me. Definitely my new dentist from here on out. Looking forward to a non emergent visit in the near future.

L. LeGrys
a month ago
I always look forward to my visit with Dr. Markowitz and his very capable team -- which is a surprising thing to say about a dentist! Since I have been his patient, my dental hygiene and overall wellness has greatly improved. He always keeps me informed and treats me as a partner in my dental health. He also follows up after a procedure the same day to make sure I am okay. Dr. Markowitz truly represents the Gold Standard of dentistry!

Libby Sherwin
a month ago
Dr. McGorry and the staff at Markowitz Dental are the BEST! I am not a fan of getting dental work done, but their kindness and efficiency make it so much better! I went in for pain and Dr. McGorry did a thorough evaluation (without unesessary testing), explained everything to me in amazing detail, then treated the pain. I so appreciate this group!

Susan Benesch
a month ago
Dr. Markowitz is a brilliant dentist - he has done lots of work for me and it has always been top notch. He's also unusually flexible and kind. Twice he has allowed my small child to come along to my dental appointments. She presses the X-ray button ("you're hired!" he said) and learns that going to the dentist is wonderful.

Laura Farina
a month ago
Always terrific. Great dentists, great hygienists.

Rashad Kaldany
a month ago
Excellent service by the hygienist, dentist and front office staff

Deborah Zimet
a month ago
Louise be is an exceptional dental hygienist!

Graciela Luna
2 months ago
Always highly professional and a very expert and skilled dentist. It's been my dentist for more than 20 years and I highly recommend Dr. Eric Markowitz.

Jeffery Shuler
3 months ago
Dr. Eric and his staff has set the standards for what dentistry should look like in the DMV. Their professional knowledge and customer service is unmatched. - Jeff

Steven Kaffen
3 months ago
Dr. Eric Markowitz has been my dentist for almost 20 years. He's outstanding, as are the pros who work with him. "Dr. Eric" has the attributes that are critical for a top dentist: technical and esthetic competence, and trustworthiness. These are essential when you're dealing with important work such as crowns, implants, esthetics, etc. Briana did my cleaning and hygienic work and, as always, was very thorough in the technical cleaning that proceeds the polishing. In addition, I find the waiting time is consistently zero or short, and the office energy is upbeat and pleasant.

Douglas Hottle
3 months ago
Excellent service and treatment. dr Eric and his staff comprise the best dentist office I have ever used.

chris chernes
3 months ago
Been coming here for since '98. Dr Eric is by far the best of the best. Great staff too. I have no fear of going to the dentist whatsoever.

Mike Linegang
4 months ago
I have had fantastic experience here since I moved to DC in 2001. Dr. Markowitz, Dr. McGory, and all the team members are professional and personable. They take the time to get to know me and I look forward to catching up with them every six months. They make great use of information technology to send me reminders and help me with billing and insurance. They do a great job with all those "peripherals". As for the dentistry: - I have a broken front tooth repaired with bonding. My previous dentists would repair the tooth and it would last 5-7 years before it would have to be rebuilt. Dr. Eric rebuilt it in 2003 and it is still looking great today in 2022! - After living and working downtown since 2001, I moved to the DC suburbs, and for convenience I decided to switch to a different dental practice in 2011. The new dentist immediately recommended two crowns and multiple repairs to small cavities. I went back to Markowitz Dental for a second opinion. Dr. Eric showed me my x-rays from 2008 Those same cavities and molar cracks were visible on those x-rays. He explained to me that they have been monitoring those issues for years. I had no pain or other complaints so Dr. Eric didn't see any need to charge me for work that isn't necessary. - I got a crown on a cracked molar in 2021. First of all, the molar was cracking back in 2008 and another dentist wanted to crown it back in 2011. Instead of immediately pushing for me to get a crown ($$$), Markowitz Dental worked with me for 12 years to keep the tooth healthy and manage the cracking with no pain. When the tooth finally became unmanageable I had the option of getting the crown on the same day (hand built by Dr. Eric in the office at one long office visit) or via two separate short appointments (using an offsite lab to build the crown in between). I opted for the offsite lab. The crown from the lab fit ok but not great. Another dentist might've called it done, but Dr. Eric didn't settle for "ok". He sent it back to the lab and had a new one built. I had to come back for a third appointment, but this one fits perfect and I can't even tell that it is there. Bottom line: great dentistry and great people. Work with you to care for your teeth without lots of expensive procedures, until those procedures are absolutely necessary. Highest quality work when cosmetic or functional repairs are needed. For me, they are worth the trip into DC even though I live and work in the suburbs.

Janet Martin
4 months ago
Brianna is the best dental hygienist I've ever had, and I've had quite a few in my adult life due to moving around a lot. She is not only very friendly, she also explains everything she's doing and understands what a patient's concerns might be. I felt like she read my mind because when I was thinking of how to phrase a question about cavities, she said something reassuring that addressed my concern without my having to figure out what exactly I wanted to ask. She also notes potential problems with specific teeth for the dentist who comes in after she does x-rays/cleaning. She seems very knowledgeable, makes me feel comfortable, and inspires confidence in this dental office in general. Drs. Markowitz and McGorry are also friendly and make sure to answer questions thoroughly. They don't seem to try to do unnecessary work. Bonus: they gave me a full-sized prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste??? So I didn't have to go to the pharmacy to get it myself??? So considerate and convenient.

Elisabeth LaRoe
4 months ago
Best dental care in the DMV!!!!

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