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Nishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DC
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Welcome to the Washington, D.C. dentist office of Dr. Nishan Halim. Committed to excellence in dentistry and the best possible experience for our patients, our dental care team provides comprehensive care for your oral health needs. Dr. Halim is highly trained and experienced in helping patients in all stages of their lives to achieve a smile that is beautiful, comfortable and healthy.

It is our mission to provide the highest level of dental treatment in a caring, professional environment. We believe that the best care results from focusing on our patients as individuals, not as collections of symptoms. Our methods are thorough, sensitive, and pain-free.

Nishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DC
  • Safe and Sterile Environment: We practice the utmost in sterilization and disinfection techniques on our instrumentation and in our dental operatories. Much of our continuing education and investment goes into your safety and protection.
  • Comfortable and Relaxing Atmosphere: During treatment, you can relax while watching a favorite TV show or movie, listening to music or taking in the view. Some patients prefer to just take a nap (really!). After your visit, you can freshen up with a warm, scented towel. We try to customize every patients experience to their individual preferences.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Dr. Halim is committed to excellence in dentistry. We employ the highest quality dental materials, the best supplies available, and superior laboratories. We have found that properly executed restorations can and will stand the test of time. In our office, Dr. Halim uses high-powered magnification during dental treatment, which allows us to detect problems that would not be detected by ordinary vision and to make excellent dental restorations.
  • Is this type of personalized dentistry expensive? Initially, yes it does cost more than HMO dentistry, but over the test of time, excellent dentistry is actually less costly. Quality products, including dental restorations, will last longer and be less expensive in the long run in comparison to inferior products purchased initially for less money.
  • The Patient Experience Matters the Most: Not only is Dr. Halim committed to making you want to visit his office again in the future, but he also wants you to tell everyone you know about the wonderful dental experience and five-star customer service experience you had at our office. Your opinion matters.
  • Dr. Halim is a Dawson trained dentist with advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems, often related to the bite. Using the Dawson concepts of Complete Dentistry, Dr. Halim performs a thorough evaluation of your entire occlusal system when you visit with us for routine dental care. This means that we go beyond appearances and the health of the teeth and gums, analyzing the fit and function of your jaw joints. All aspects of your bite should be working together harmoniously with no discomfort- this is the foundation of lifelong oral health and wellness.

    Nishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DCNishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DCNishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DC

    Dr. Nishan Halimarrived in July, 2013 to carry on the practice started in 1976 by retiring Dr. Jeffrey Stallsmith. Four years later, the practice of Nishan Halim, DMD has become an important part of the Capitol Hill community in its own right. The practice has won three notable awards thanks to votes by enthusiastic and loyal patients.

    Nishan Halim, DMD, specializes in adult and pediatric restorative and cosmetic dentistry, as well as preventative dentistry, which is at the heart of this general andfamily dental carepractice. Enjoy the website, and we look forward to welcoming you into the family as a new or returning patient!

    Nishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DC

    Alicia (Halim) Alicia has been a part of the practice since day one. Thats right, she was able to witness Dr. Halim and Dr. Stallsmiths love at first sight moment. It was magical. With a strong background in Dental Assisting and Practice Management, she has been able to help guide the practice towards success. Whether behind-the-scenes or in person Alicia stands ready to assist our patients with financial questions and resolutions. Outside of the office, you can find Alicia at the Hill parks with her little Halims, Vjera, Adrian and Elijah!

    Nishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DC

    Dentistry and patient care have always been passions of Ghazals. She holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing Management from Australia and a Masters degree in Business Management from Sonoma State University. With her strong educational background, she is here to ensure our patients get the best personal service that they deserve, while supporting the clinical team in the growth of our practice. In her down time, she enjoys swimming, yoga, and networking both socially and professionally. We know she will help create the best patient experience!

    Nishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DC

    Marilyn has enjoyed the diversity of living in DC all of her life. Helping people and keeping up with advances in technology especially as they relate to the field of dentistry and patient care are two of her most important values. When Marilyn isnt at work, she may be found in her NW DC neighborhood, providing pet care to community members that need a helping hand. She loves animals, as well as people, and it means a lot to her to spread joy, love, and compassion in the world. Were glad she is here and hope you will welcome her, too!

    Nishan Halim, DMD - General dentist in Washington, DC

    Nash has loved exploring the DC area and everything it has to offer after her move from North Carolina. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a minor in Spanish for the Health Professions. She is passionate about serving her local community with their oral health needs and will be attending dental school in the near future! She is also a creator with a knack for the arts, from singing and playing piano since she was a child to perfecting her photography skills, both inside and out of the practice. We are so excited to have her as a part of our team!

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