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Dr. Mesfin graduated from University of Pennsylvania earning her bachelors in science in Biomedical Engineering and received her doctorate in dental surgery from Columbia University. She then continued on a Post Doctorate general practice residency at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York City where she was able to gain experience in all facets of dentist, including oral surgery, root canal treatments, crowns and bridges.

Dr. Mesfin is committed to service and excellence. She keeps up with current dental advancements by attending several continuing education courses. She has provided pro-bono dental services domestically and internationally in Ethiopia, Philippines, Cambodia and Guatemala. She is an active member of the American Dental Association (ADA).


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Yani Watson
5 days ago
THE BEST DENTAL CARE EVER! I had my wisdom teeth removed with virtually NO pain! They are AMAZINGG!

Jose Ortiz
7 days ago
The moment I walk-in to Northwest Dental Care. I was greeted very politely later I found out the front desk receptionist name is Ruth. I was seeing by Doctor chargie and he was very concerned about the pain I was in and even though I came as a walking he definitely took care of me.. Thanks a lot Northwest Dental Care

lioniesha woodard
2 weeks ago
2nd time visiting this dentist office and may I say this is my first time having a wisdom tooth pulled and they service was fantastic everything is great I don't like pain in my mouth but he made me feel nun I WILL BE BACK !!!! I have made them my dental providers so should you

Zoey Montana
2 weeks ago
The best Dentist in the WORLD! He takes his time , he talks to you , he makes you feel comfortable and NO PAIN . NONE ! Take it from me I got a root canal and two wisdom teeth pulled and was eating the same day ! If you need someone who's going to make you comfortable, His front desk staff ( Ruth) and also dental assistant( Moli) are the best at making all patients no Matter the age COMFORTABLE! Very professional and caring office of staff ! THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING AND ILL SEE U NEXT WEEK

rondale baker
4 weeks ago
I was so afraid of getting my top wisdom tooth pulled so when I had to get them pulled I searched around and looked at all the reviews I came across Northwest dental Care and the views was pretty good so I decided to let them pull my wisdom tooth. When I tell you the experience was so flawless little to no pain even when they use the needle there was no pain when the teeth were pulled there was little to no pain even after the numbing wore off I had no pain I will highly recommend them to any person that is afraid to get their teeth pulled

Tony Black
4 weeks ago
Everything was great no pain hundred percent satisfied

2 months ago
Just experienced the worst experience as a patient at this place! I was a long time returning customer for years (should've left a long time ago) & disrespect I just received from the Ethiopian "Doctor" Tadesse was absolutely rude & unprofessional. My son & I had an appointment (just for a cleaning) that was scheduled for months. It was confirmed by the receptionist and via email just a week & a day prior to coming. I arrived & didn't get called back until almost two hours of waiting. The office manager informed me that my son wasn't on the schedule & cant be seen today. I've explained how I had to pull him out of school and confirmed the appointment several times before my arrival so I'm confused as to why this is happening. There was no explanation to what happened and no apology for the inconvenience, instead it was "we can reschedule." Their system/scheduling is terrible & messing with people time!!! I also had an appointment myself & TADESSE refused to see me after I was not buying their excuse after excuse. First and foremost, I never selected him to be my provider, my original Dr. left to start her own clinic & somehow I got stuck with him. Anyways, he abruptly walked in with an attitude and didn't provide good customer service at all! His exact words "I know this happened in the past with scheduling but I have the right to decide if i want to treat a patient and i won't be treating you from today. You don't seem to understand and theirs no trust etc.." he walked out after that and yelled out to the staff this is room is ready for the NEXT patient. I was livid and left. Not to mention I canceled another appointment I had because their time management SUCKS & ran over. Still didn't get seen! They'll never see me again and I wont recommend this hole in a wall place to anyone. Clearly other patients feels the same way about him and the lack of professionalism this place has. Therefore, his professional license needs to be suspended/revoked until he knows how to treat people with respect and provides good customer service! He wasn't worth me giving him a piece of my mind! What a coward!

rondale baker
3 months ago
I was so afraid of getting my top wisdom tooth pulled so when I had to get them pulled I searched around and looked at all the reviews I came across Northwest dental Care and the views was pretty good so I decided to let them pull my wisdom tooth. When I tell you the experience was so flawless belly pain when I got the needles no pain when the teeth were full and little to no pain after the numbing wore off I will highly recommend them to any person that is afraid to get their teeth pulled

Ashley Hyman
6 months ago
My daughter and I were scheduled for a routine cleaning but wait time was 2 long hours. After only getting our Xrays. Dr. Tefeshet comes in the room barely greeting us, no apology for the long wait. He then has the audacity to tell us that we can reschedule for our cleaning!! What?!?! I told him that we couldn't reschedule. He presumes to clean my teeth. Then simply just got up and left. I had no clue that he finished my cleaning.The cleaning was messy and uncomfortable for my self and my 11yo. Never, experienced ROUGHNESS during a cleaning, Ever!! There was no thank you for choosing his awful service, just terrible customer service. There was ZERO compassion from the DR. which really didnt sit well with me. I asked for his name, he responds "IS THERE AN ISSUE"?. I literally had to take a deep breath because I knew at that point I was about snap. Like, sir where do you think you are??!?! IF YOU DONT WANT TO DO YOUR JOB STAY HOME !!!! The one star was for the the nicer techs he had working with him. They continued to apologize for his rude behind.Definitely wont be returning and don't recommended this place at all!!

Sheliah Hester
6 months ago
Dr. Saved my life took me out so infectious teeth and pain little bleeding

Connor Woodrich
6 months ago
Please stop cold-calling me.

Rudy Bonilla
7 months ago
The staff it's so disgusting the receptionist it's angry the Spanish girl :$

Alek Petty
7 months ago
Good service once I was seen (just a clean and x-ray) but I had to wait for over an hour despite it being a simple morning appointment.

Norma Smith
9 months ago
Tried to make appointment today for myself and another family member. Gave my insurance info. Lady had difficulty confirming my insurance. I Hung up called insurance company and they confirmed my insurance is active. They gave me direct line number and told me to give it to office to confirm insurance. I called back and spoke to another lady. She told me someone would call me back in 20 minutes. No one called back at all. I tried to call back to no avail. Both Staff members I spoke to seemed nice.

Tri Tran
12 months ago
Great experience at North West Dental Care. Went in for a cleaning and wisdom tooth extraction. Dr C is very reassuring and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Scheduling appointments was quick and easy. I highly recommend this place

Lamesha Burnett
12 months ago
Just got my wisdom teeth removed and doctor Choufhuty was fast and did a awesome job I felt no pain just pressure

Jerrita Tolbert
12 months ago
No problem with Dr.Mesfin. My issue is time management. They always seem to be running late/behind schedule & next thing I know I'm waiting almost 2hrs to be seen.

Abdul Hye Al Monsur
12 months ago
Excellent Dr Ashraf Chowdhury, his hand is God gifted Hand, Everything is nice and clean, my recommendations is perfect dental office.

Mirna Diaz
12 months ago
(Translated by Google) excellent attention (Original) Exelente atencion

Ariel Jones
12 months ago
I got my bottom wisdom teeth out and it was quick and painless. All the staff are very nice and took away all my nervousness. Definitely 10/10

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