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Dr. Pahlavani graduated from USC Dental School with honors in 2008. She specializes in cosmetic and family dentistry. She is a native of Washington, DC, and spent most of her adolescent life in Los Angeles, California where cosmetic dentistry became her passion.

As technology has progressed so has Dentistry. Dr. Pahlavani continues her education and spends time on learning new innovations in her field. Her sensitivity and awareness to individuals with anxiety and fear of the dentist, allow's her to practice pain-free dentistry. She was trained and educated by the world-renowned Dr. Stanley Malamed on patient management and local anesthetic technique.

In 2009, Dr. Pahlavani was granted the opportunity to pursue her dream which was once to be a part of the Peace Corps, and decided to start taking missionary trips to 3rd world countries in need of dental health and medical health services. Her first trip was to the Middle East where she serviced homeless individuals in villages. Her second trip was to Honduras in 2011, and her latest in Bolivia in 2014.

Pahlavani Dental is a state-of-the-art facility with the latest advances, machinery, and technology. Giving our patients a more comfortable and convenient experience. When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Pahlavani enjoys working out, playing pool, traveling, and spending time with her loved ones.

Pahlavani Dental Inc - General dentist in Washington, DCPahlavani Dental Inc - General dentist in Washington, DC

Dr. Gutirrez was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. As a young woman, she decided to pursue a career that could embrace her love for science and art. Dr. Gutirrez graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, where she majored in Biology, and received her Bachelor of Science Degree. Subsequently, she continued her education and obtained her Doctorate in Dental Medicine in 2017 at the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dental Medicine. During her time in Dental School, she helped plan local community Dental Clinics and participated in missionary trips to Guatemala to serve less fortunate communities.

In July 2017, Dr. Gutirrez continued her post-graduate studies in Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, where she completed a General Practice Residency in 2018. There, she developed as a professional by managing inpatient and outpatient dental treatment and dental emergencies. She was also responsible for treating patients in a hospital setting by performing ambulatory dental treatments in the operating room for medically compromised patients.

After completing her residency, she moved here to Washington, D.C, where she's been actively serving our community. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, she worked vigorously with underserved communities ensuring that they were receiving proper dental emergency treatments. Her unique experiences and dental background have allowed her to care for patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Today, Dr. Gutirrez is ecstatic to have selected Pahlavani Dental as her new home, hoping to provide her patients with gentle, honest, and quality care. During Dr. Gutirrez's Free time she, enjoys yoga, binge-watching TV, and spending time with her husband and two adorable dogs Mango and Guava, and extended family.


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Offi Ekah
5 days ago
Dr. Pahlavani and her entire team provided phenomenal service! She explained why I was having issues, and corrected work done that did not match her high quality. I will be back!

Jonathan Fogelson
a month ago
Wonderful service and a welcoming experience from start to finish!

a month ago
The best!

Josh Lipes
a month ago
Great group!! My son loves going here - they are very gentle and patient, and do a great job explaining things thoroughly.

chris carman
a month ago
I have been seeing Dr. Pahlavani for over five years! I moved out of the DMV area and still travel to see my favorite dentist. I used to have the worst anxiety when seeing dentists growing up. I even skipped going to the dentist for years because of the anxiety. This practice changed my perception of fear to excitement (I know that sounds weird) when visiting for my routine cleanings. Dr. Pahlavani and her staff will put a smile of your face and change the way you think about your dentist. 10/10 recommend!

BM thick
3 months ago
I visited Pahlavani Dental this week for my regular check up and I have to say that I really enjoyed my experience there. The staff was so welcoming, polite and effective. Will definitely be coming back regularly for my appointments! Thank you!

7 months ago
Extraordinarily responsive. Helped out in an emergency when situation was dire. This is an extremely professional medical practice. DC should be grateful to have such a terrific dentist in the area.

Shalini Soopramanien
9 months ago
Dr Pahlavani is a good dentist, however, the billing practices at her office are highly questionable. Being a new patient, the front desk failed to explain upfront to me that Dr Pahlavani Dental Inc. is out of network with my insurance company and as a result I was hit with an invoice in the hundreds of dollars for a general cleaning that should have been no or minimal out-of-pocket cost to me. There are fortunately many fantastic dentists in the DC area - with more honest and transparent billing practices - so I will no longer be coming to see Dr Pahlavani.

Yasmine Zaki
9 months ago
Dr. Pahlavani has been warning me for Years about an impending cavity. I put off having it filled but finally went back to her this week and it was a seamless and painless experience. She is pleasant, extremely skilled, and her office is clean and bright. The experience there is oddly fun, given the circumstances. The staff is friendly and seems to really love being there.

Quintin Reed
10 months ago
Excellent service. The entire team is friendly and professional. I have only been twice, but as long as I live in DC Pahlavani Dental will be my go-to place for all-things dentistry.

Regina Smith
10 months ago
Discussing all the possibilities of what could be done and why these procedures were being suggested -- meant everything to me. I was given alternatives and choices; I appreciated what I perceived were honest assessments of my dental health. Thank you!

Bundy Obama
10 months ago
This was my 1st visit & no funny .. man time .. Dr. Gutierrez is flawless efficient & effective! There were 2 other young ladies I can't remember the lady at the front desk name but the assistant Marchay made sure in every process & procedure that I was comfortable and did with care! 5Star!!

Rajen Soopramanien
10 months ago
If there is one thing we have learned from our experience with Pahlavani Dental, it is to be wary of the power of 5-star reviews. Our recent experience with Pahlavani Dental did not live up to expectations. Beneath the smooth exterior and the state-of-the art equipment, there were early warning signs. The first warning sign was what appeared to be concerted effort on the part of the staff to have us change our brand of electric toothbrush in favor of one brand that was on prominent display around the office. Had the recommendation for a change of toothbrush brand been made by the dentist in the normal course of her examination, it would hardly have raised an eyebrow. But she was not alone in advocating a change of brand of toothbrush; nor was she even the first. Her assistant was the first to weigh in on the matter, diagnosing an issue with our current brand as soon as we walked in, and issuing her own pitch in favor of a change in brand. To be fair, the holiday period was just around the corner and, by all accounts, this particular assistant was not having a good day at the office. She was seemingly lacking in training, tentative in her handling of her tasks and, sadly enough, clumsy and rude. The final straw was a statement from Pahlavani Dental, requiring us to pay hundreds of dollars for what was in effect a routine biannual cleaning and check-up. Considering that those charges were normally covered by insurance, we decided to double check with our insurance company, who promptly confirmed what we thought we knew already: except for a relatively small amount on account of one optional add-on product, the charges had already been paid and settled with the dental office. At the request of the insurance company, we called Pahlavani Dental to follow up on their statement, half expecting the office manager to take responsibility for the surprise bill and perhaps even apologize for it. We were wrong on both counts: her response was both defiant and troubling. First, she pretended that the statement was not a bill at all, but an explanation of benefits. In so doing, she chose to overlook the fact that the statement was couched in the form of a bill, showing a balance due, requesting "checks {to be made] payable to Pahlavani Dental", and even including a "top portion [to be detached and returned] with your payment". Which part of the statement did not constitute a bill remains unclear. Second, she went on a rant about the insurance company, arguing that their contracted rates were unrealistic and did not keep up with inflation, adding for good measure that her office was about to drop that particular company. Could it be that #surprisebilling has emerged as the latest addition to the array of marketing tools not uncommon among dentists to 'max out' on insurance payments, through optional add-on products and services and/or generous use of 'referrals', coupled with the sweetener that "[not to worry] it is all covered by insurance"? Needless to add, we will not be holding our breath, waiting on a final decision about our insurance company.

J Warfield
11 months ago
Dr. Pahlavani and her staff are absolutely incredible!! She is professional, knowledgeable and really shows concern for your dental health and well-being. We have been coming to her for many years and always have a positive experience. My family (kids & adults) always received top notch service and care. I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Justin Shortell
12 months ago
Great staff who were very friendly. Great bedside manner and gentle touch (not aggressive/no pain; for both assistant and dentist). Highly recommend.

Mari Hicks
12 months ago
I've been going to Pahlavani Dental for years! Everyone is welcoming and introduces themselves before treating you, which I really appreciate. They have expanded with a new dentist, Dr. Gutierrez, and the quality of care is just as good.

Amber Osuba
12 months ago
Dr. Gutierrez has incredible bedside manner, explaining all components of my visit and ensuring I could ask questions. Everyone I encountered was kind and welcoming for my first visit. I recommend!

Sean Brevard
12 months ago
The doctor was so friendly. & all staff were very helpful & informative. It had been awhile since I was last in the dentist but they were all great

Parul Patel
12 months ago
I've been coming here for 4 years and they do a great job! I recently moved to Miami and fly to DC to see Dr. Pahlavani for all of my dental care needs. Highly recommend!

The 2ktrainer
a year ago
I came into the office under short notice and Dr.P took care of me. I will definitely be returning for more work in the future.

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