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Helping our children is the important part of what Pine Dentistry does for families. Were making sure that all children have access to dental care services. Pine Dentistry is committed to reducing the need for future extensive dental work & keeping kids healthy through preventative dental care & a range of community & educational programs.

The number of children not visiting the dentist or going to hospital ERs in Washington, D.C. tells us too many kids lack the primary dental care they need to prevent serious dental issues. Because these health issues can impact childrens ability to perform their best in school & live a successful life. Were finding ways to help kids get the dental care they need by accepting Medicaid & Commercial Insurance, Resolution Dental Discount Plan for families without insurance, school-based dental care visits & more.

Through our Kool Smiles Kids Club, kids (no matter their age) have the opportunity to earn rewards, grow & reach their unlimited potential. With an emphasis on creativity & values, Kool Smiles Kids Club helps give kids a sense of self, making a powerful contribution to their oral care health. Parents & families tell us their kids club experience helped diminish fear & instill confidence in their children.

Safely straighten your teeth discreetly, without letting anyone else know. We offer faster treatment times & can subtly straighten your smile & no one will know. Reveal Clear aligners are also removeable so, there are no restrictions on foods you can eat. Just remove them & eat or drink anything you want.

Probably yes. Clear aligners are appropriate for many teens and adults looking to straighten their teeth. To see if clear aligners are right for you, please schedule a FREE smile assessment with your dentist. Your dentist will provide you with a comprehensive oral exam to confirm candidacy for clear aligners.

If youre looking to straighten your teeth but want a more aesthetic solution, consider clear aligners. Clear aligners are a series of trays that move your teeth slowly to bring them into alignment. Treatment can include up to 30 trays, and each tray is worn for two weeks.


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Tiara Peterson
5 days ago
Great experience they have gotten a lot better. The waiting time needs to get better but all In all an improvement with staff and professionalism

6 days ago
Staffs are nice and the dentist is very kind and skillful!

M Mark
3 weeks ago
The office staff is rude and unorganized. This is not the first time I've had to sit for over an hour. I get here before my appointment and am the first appointment and the first to sign the book but yet and hour and a half later we still wait. I was lied to about why we haven't been seen and the office manager doesn't even bother to come out and talk to you. If you enjoy being treated poorly and don't value your time, this is a wonderful office.

Perry C.
4 weeks ago
They NEVER answer the phone. And if they do it's after you've called multiple times or have been on hold for 15-30 minutes. I called to confirm an appointment for ortho last week and was told that I had to call back when ortho was there. She said that she couldn't see those appointments. Odd, but whatever. I called back, no answer. Called back and waited on hold, no answer. Days go by....I'm calling and calling, no answer. You all are not busy. I've sat in that waited room and listened to the staff talk and laugh while the phone just rings. A shame. I finally get an answer yesterday after waiting about 12 minutes. I told the man that I needed to check appointment dates. I didn't mention it was for ortho. He was able to give me the date and time. So why wasn't the lady able to do that the week prior instead of calling and calling and calling. I could've possible missed this appointment. I'm paying too much money out of my own pockets to not be helped. This place is the absolute worst. And what's even sadder is I've been bringing my kids here for over 10 years and when it changed from Kool Smiles to Pine Dentistry is when it went down hill. I am currently seeking better dental care because this place is not it.

Nestor Ramirez
4 weeks ago
Horrible customer service. Woman who answers the phone seriously sounds like she's asleep and lazy all the time

Rae Miller
4 weeks ago
I only called to ask about slot availability for a cleaning for my child and was hung up on in mid-sentence! To say that the female who answered the phone was rude was an understatement! She sounded West Indian/Caribbean and they are usually very friendly people so I was extremely shocked! Especially since I am one as well! Would give a minus rating if it was at all possible!

Ivory Stephenson
3 months ago
They are always pleasant and helpful

Raine A
3 months ago
WOW!!!!!!!!! I called in May and was informed that my son's appointment was canceled due to COVID-19. The representative informed me they were scheduling appointments for June, so I made an appointment for June 12th @ 10am. I arrived and the office is closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called the 1-800 number and was told his appointment was canceled. I didn't receive a phone call, text message, or email informing me of this!!!!!!!! I rearranged my whole day for this appointment!!!!! I will be finding another dentist for my son! UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!! Update 7/14/22 - I will no longer be using Pine Dentistry for my son's dental care. I received a text message yesterday evening stating that my son's dentist appointment was canceled due to the office being short staffed. I called to reschedule and was told I would receive a call by 1pm if his appointment was reinstated. Later, I received a text message stating that his appointment was reinstated. I called to verify this and was told yes, to come in. I arrive to the appointment on time only to be told that my son can't be seen because the dentist on duty isn't credentialed to accept his insurance. The staff was very rude, particularly the office manager. I wasted gas and my son missed school as he attends an eleven-month program. I was recording the front of the building to post a review on my social media platforms and the manager came outside and started curtsying sarcastically, stating "have a blessed day." Why wasn't my son's insurance checked yesterday to ensure that he could be seen by the dentist? This is the most unprofessional dentist office I've ever been to.

esperanza gonzales
4 months ago
This dental office is amazing! The customer service and care that is shown towards the patients is awesome. My son is very confident in their work. I'm pleased because they truly care about dental care and treatment. It's wonderful that they teach proper care and healthy foods for their teeth. And they are so accommodating. (Sidenote: whoever trained this staff needs to really go and retrain alot of these other dental offices lol ).

Amy A. Cervantes
5 months ago
Don't go here. Just do yourself a favor and avoid this place at all costs if you can get yourself to another dentist. We started going to the dentist here because I didn't have a car and that was the closest location to my house. We began to visit at the height of the pandemic in 2020. In April, I went to get my son's 6 month appointment, they wouldn't let me sit with him, due to covid restrictions, even though I'd been able to sit with him at his two previous appointments. They didn't ask me about this dental care or routine. They didn't ask him about it either. They took X-rays and decided he needed a crown. He'd been there 6 months earlier and didn't even have a cavity. How does a 6 year old go from no cavities to a crown, when I bring him every 6 months? Dentist didn't explain why, or what happened. They accused me of not brushing his teeth, which he does twice a day and doesn't drink soda. There was on consultation, just a here you go and get out of there. The front desk people are very rude and the Dentist is absent at best. Don't got here. I'm scheduling a new appointment with my dentist who will have to check out my son's issues.

Karla Carter
8 months ago
Phone receptionist rude af.

10 months ago
No one answers the phone

Mica White
11 months ago
They never ask for payment each time I took my child then they ask for payment and now it's 800 dollars then they ghetto it's was great when they first open and its not even the dentists in the back it's the front only have one child there took the rest to another dentist office

Sabrina Royster
12 months ago
The orthodontist dr Phillips is the best I love her

Latease Jordan
12 months ago
The Dentist here is great communicate effectively. As far as the customer service from the front; ghetto mess & very unprofessional. The lady with red hair specifically.

Aziz Baseel
12 months ago
On time, not long wait, customer service was great...

Sean Harris
12 months ago
Great Service!! Dentistry & Braces In DC ..

Sean Harris
12 months ago
Clean location. No complaints here...

Latease Jordan
a year ago
The Dentist here is great communicate effectively. As far as the customer service from the front; ghetto mess & very unprofessional. The lady with red hair specifically.

Sean Harris
a year ago
Great Service!! Dentistry & Braces In DC ..

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