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The goal of expert dentists Shila Yazdani, DDS, Michael Mortazie, DDS, and the team at Revive Dentistry is to provide high-quality preventive, general, and cosmetic dentistry services to men and women living in and around Washington, D.C.

At Revive Dentistry, patients can access all of their oral health needs under one roof. The team has experience in all areas of dentistry and provides safe, effective, and high-tech treatments in-house. Theres even a CEREC machine, and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system on-site.

Each exam room is state-of-the-art and features 3D dental technology. This allows the team to diagnose cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems more accurately, ensuring efficient treatment and excellent results.

The team at Revive Dentistry takes a conservative, integrative, and holistic approach to oral health care. Instead of treating just the symptoms, they look at the effects of damage and disease on the entire body. This allows them to improve each patients physical and dental health using safe and effective methods of care.

Patients can access an array of oral health services, including cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, oral surgery, teeth cleanings, tooth extractions, TMJ treatment, and treatment for sleep apnea.


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Victor Janushkowsky
3 days ago
Dr. Mortazi, his wife, and staff are the finest and most thorough dental care providers I have ever had the pleasure to experience. They offer everything from "cowboy dentistry" (attack the problems as they occur) to very elegant solutions. Most notable is the level of investment in technology -- Revive Dentistry has the most current imaging and computing capabilities - very impressive results. A+++ Highly recommend!!!

Yuan Harris
a week ago
I would not recommend going here. They did not do a good job.

752 435
3 weeks ago
Mindy was my hygienist and she was amazing

Tori Reese
4 weeks ago
I would not recommend going to Revive Dentistry for a few reasons -- first and foremost, Revive scheduled me for a holiday (Indigenous People's Day) and failed to properly notify me that the office would be closed on that day. I showed up bright and early at 8 am (on my day off :) ), to a dark, empty office. After calling the office to let them know what was going on, I received a call from a receptionist that they had texted me 2 weeks ago telling me they needed to cancel the appointment. A text with no response from the patient is not the proper form of communication to notify a patient about a cancellation. Revive should have called me, or at the very least, left a voicemail informing me that the office would not be open. Or, even better, not have scheduled me for a day the office would be closed. While an annoying scheduling error is one thing, I have also had a a few experiences at Revive of them trying to upsell me products or procedures. In almost every visit, they would recommend some sort of test or scan without properly notifying me of the price of that test or scan. Coming from a family of dentists, I was pretty skeptical of many of the practices at this dental offices as it seems to be run more as a business trying to pay for its own cutting-edge medical devices by encouraging patients to get extraneous tests and scans. At one point, they recommended that I get ~3k gum surgery because my gums were receding. Rather than offering a reasonable explanation as to why gums could be receding in a young woman (i.e. harsh brushing -- which is fixable by brushing more lightly, or teeth grinding), the dentists at Revive made it seem as though my gums were receding because there was some fundamental problem with them that needed to be fixed by a procedure. This review is very long winded, and not written lightly - I am not usually one to write negative reviews - but I hope it can provide some future patients information about making their dental decisions and provide an incentive to Revive to improve their practices.

Tony Clifford
4 weeks ago
Been a patient for several years. Great routine care. Had some major work for the first time today. Dr Mortazie was great. He knows his business.

Danielle P Sorrell
4 weeks ago
Staff was awesome and the dentist was AWESOME!

Kristen Tan
4 weeks ago
They "filled my cavity" but now it's back less than a month later. Awful service.

Regan Hinman
2 months ago
Little to no wait time. The staff was very friendly and informative. Dr. Mortazie was quick and thorough with great bedside manner.

Catalina McCarthy
3 months ago
My hygienist, Mindy Petersen, is so patient and kind - I've followed her from several offices. The Dentist and his staff are all incredible. I usually dread going to the dentist, and I'm thrilled to have found this place where they make sure I'm comfortable the entire time. So happy with their recommendations and results of my last appointment.

William Wears
3 months ago
I met Dr. Shila Yazdani today for the first time. I had been seeing Dr Mortazie or Cindy the hygenist. But today Dr. Yazdani did my cleaning they were busy. I really like Dr Yazdani, very practical and helpful, just like Dr. Mortazie who came in at the close to plan with me about some work that needs to be done. The practice as a whole is very gentle, understanding and ready to explain what needs I have. In short they are a wonderful team, from front office to front line, so to speak.

Brooke Masi
4 months ago
The staff was very kind and efficient. Dr. Mortazie thoroughly walked me through what he was doing during the appointment, answered all of my questions and gave me guidance on next steps. I was very happy with my visit!

Zia Alkozai
4 months ago
So Professional

zina khalid
4 months ago
Mindy is outstanding. I would never even thing about going anywhere else. I saw a new dentist today. She was excellent. My regular dentist is also excellent. I love this place.

4 months ago
Everything was great - from the friendly and efficient reception manager to the equally friendly and efficient dentist's assistant, to the friendly, caring, and knowledgeable dentist, herself.

James Bader
4 months ago
I've been here twice so far and had a great experience. After not taking the best care of my teeth, they have helped me get back on track with proper flossing technique, which reversed my early stages of gum disease. Their hygienist also took extra time this past visit to scrub my teeth which helped reduce some stains. I have been very happy with my experience here.

Carol Beswick
5 months ago
I appreciate the knowledge and service that Dr. Y provides. Her staff is amazing and they have all met me and supported my personal needs from treatment, to insurance and billing and even parking.

Geneive Abdo
5 months ago
Dr. Mortazie was extremely attentive and spent much time explaining my dental issues. I had seen two other dentists before I came to his office, and he is clearly more competent than my other dentists.

Olga Markoff
6 months ago
I loved the experience at this dental practice from start to finish, super profesional team, latest medical and diagnostic equipment and an honest doctor who actually gave me a simple and inexpensive option to help me with my issue, instead of actually hard selling me on the other more complex treatments.

Debra Olson
7 months ago
Excellent bedside manner and very clear explanations of my treatment and options.

Shuntrice Holloman
7 months ago
The office is extremely professional and the front desk staff is very friendly. I've had a variety of procedures done and it's always been a good experience.

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