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Our doctors are highly trained in all of the most up-to-date dental treatments and technology. Our extensive knowledge, combined with genuine care and concern for every patient, ensures that you will always receive outstanding dental care when you visit our office. We are committed to helping every member of your family achieve excellent oral health.

Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. All of our dental assistants are licensed professionals who pride themselves on their current dental techniques & outstanding patient communication. With unmatched quality & integrity, they are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for you & your family.


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Benjamin W
2 days ago
Great experience, maybe the best dentist visit I've had.

dax taperla
3 weeks ago
Horrible service of the dentist. Dont be a victim.

Shantel Williams
4 weeks ago
I went to this dentist before and even though I waited a hour and a half for my appointment I went back because my experience wasn't bad. 6 months ago I seen Dr B who is no longer there anymore. For a my filings she did them I have been having pain and sensitivity to cold and hot foods on and off since my filing is feels soft on my teeth. I went to see Dr B but she informed me that I need to see a specialist for what she didn't tell me. I called to go back because I want them to fix the issue they created I was told that Dr B is no longer there another Dr who took a look at my tooth and me there was something wrong but the practice manger basically spoke over her and told me I needed to see a specialist I believe Dr B messed up my filing and now I have abscess and in pain from a routine filing. That whole situation seemed sketchy especially the practice manager she wouldn't let the Dr talk. I have to see a new Dr and get this fixed I'm in pain as we speak. I have never been to a place like and don't see how it's open.

Tra My Nguyen Thi
4 weeks ago
DON' COME THERE.Unprofessional dentist.He did polish and filling for my teeth.He did too strong and made my took broken on the side of the filling tooth.After he did polish and filling.I know something wrong with my tooth.And I told him that my tooth broken.He only sharpened my tooth and After that I still feel very pain.I called to come back again but he let me waited 1 hour and then he come to check.He says that my tooth was ok.He want to sharpen my tooth again.It made me painful.Don't go there please if you don't want to lose your teeth like me.

Jamie Thivener
4 weeks ago
This was not a dental cleaning. All they did was take x rays, floss with a water pick, and clean with something (they didn't even say what it was). They didn't scrape off plaque or anything. Horrible

Antonio Jones Special Educator
4 months ago
The Spirit Airlines if DC dentists. Back story coming soon.

Ronald Branch
5 months ago
This not a good dentist don't go there. They take to long to finish the work. My wife had to keep calling them and they still haven't return the call back. They will say differently, what ever they say is not true their service sucks. Also they make appointments and you waiting for hours to be seen.

Kevin Gordon
8 months ago
These group of PROFESSIONALS are also human not ones who are in their profession just to receive a pay check, I was afraid from day one yet they gave me something when I left them on the very first visit, that was an appreciation for what they have done for me, they all have restored my faith in a dentist office in which I had no faith for over 35 years, please take the opportunity to see them first hand because Dr. Caldwell and his staff are the BEST that I have been to see and to have work done on my mouth, yet my spiritual realm called for a renewed relationship with this center, I will forever recommend these guys for the rest of my life, guys take a bow because this all belongs to you all, thank you so much for restoring my faith once again in the dentistry field....hip hip HOORAY

Will Yoshida
11 months ago
I mistakenly scheduled an appointment here because the Dominion website lists several highly qualified dentists as practicing at this location for some reason. This turned out to not be the case. In short, previous reviews are still accurate. My cleaning didn't begin until a full 90 minutes after my appointment time and the cleaning was half-***ed or half-hearted, depending on how generous you might be. I was never seen by an actual dentist, and a fair percentage of my teeth were barely touched. I am uncertain as to how this place is still in business, being deficient in almost every way aside from the patient and courteous front desk staff. So unless you want to sit for long periods in a waiting room with insufferable daytime television blaring, only to be rewarded with an ineffective and incomplete dental cleaning, then look elsewhere. I should also mention that the off-putting and slightly graphic videos of dental procedures are still being played in the front window for all passersby to appreciate and enjoy.

kevin jones
11 months ago
it was fun and everybody was pleasant i need a job i could be a janitor.

12 months ago
Agree with the previous poster: "do not come here if you love yourself" no but seriously. I waited over an hour and a half past my appointment time and then the cleaning was not thorough at all, just used a drill on the outside was over in like 2 minutes. Both uncomfortable and scary while also just not leaving my teeth clean at all. Also, they did the x rays wrong and my new dentist said they couldn't interpret them due to the levels of contrast they used. Smile dental also said I had a cavity and scheduled an appointment to get it filled, but I got a second opinion from a different dentist saying there wasn't at all and that I had good oral hygiene. Not to mention that I originally scheduled my appointment here thinking it was the smile dental on 18th st which has much better reviews....then after I had a horrible experience I realized I had went to the wrong smile dental!! DONT COME HERE!

Danilo B
12 months ago
This is literally the worse unprofessional dental experience I've ever had and I'm From a third world country. I switched insurance because of my new job so had to switched my dentist but I should've read the reviews before coming to this "Dentist" office. I went for my anual checkout and cleaning. They took X-rays and put me on a chair without saying a word or going over my X-rays etc. The " cleaning" let me just say that I do a better job brushing my own teeth. The Dental hygiene literally threw some cold water with some solution with some machine that didn't even brush/clean and only took Literally 5 minutes. What a waste of my time and money. Please STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

shawnakay muray
12 months ago
Look the service can't get any worse than what it is ok and for sure it don't seems like it can get any better you will sit and wait for ever to see a dentist and it's like they don't really care. I sit in this place for 1hr and 10 mins nah never again for the lady at the front desk to tell me that it's only two dentist today and they are trying there best well they should have call the customer and reschedule if someone don't show up that's not my business I will never go back to none of there locations. Please don't go here

Xavier Jackson
12 months ago
By far the worst dentist you can think of. I literally needed a filling and the doctor stuck me 2 times (normal), he then proceeded to say "one more just to be safe" !!!! The right side of my mouth was numb for 6 hours!!! What's worse is they made me sign a form to make sure I couldn't sue. Avoid this place at all cost.

Efrem Gina
12 months ago
Very frustrating facility or dental clinic, I had appointment on 05/04/2021 my appointment was at 12:30pm but after very long time I called in at 2pm for crown prep. and after I called in again sitting in a chair and another waiting time ,like about 1:30hours waiting, the doctor is a kind of going around and touching things and go away from patient ,come back after long time. Personally, I don't recommend this office because there is no communication, specifically office manager, you know talk to the patient what's going on in the office ,like waiting more than 2 hours is not fair, when this happen office manager should say something, but on my case no body talk to me regarding long waiting, finally I waited 3:30 hours finished the procedure. Finally this is no acceptable waiting such long time. So my appointment was 12:30pm and my procedure was completed at 4:35pm ,so at the point no one say anything about the waiting time. About cleanness of the practice no good ,very suspects for cross contamination, because the doctors and the assistant walking out from patient room with glove and come back to patients room again.

Lichi LL
12 months ago
Too much waiting

12 months ago
This was the worse dentist visit of my life. I scheduled two weeks in advance due to my busy work week. I came in on a Saturday on time and was not seen until two hrs later. Multiple people kept going in and out of the bathroom in the small waiting room where we had to sit making me feel very unclean and uncomfortable. The back room was over packed with patients. After getting my X-rays done from a very nice informative lady. I was placed back into the waiting room for about another 15mins. Then I finally thought I was going to be seen when my name was called yet I went and sat down just to hear the dentist say couldn't do all the work required on my mouth that day and also that they didn't get the insurance approval and it would take another hour or so. He poked my half cracked tooth extremely hard to where I had to jump and tell him don't do that again. I was very upset and a week later I'm still feeling the worse pain of my life. It's like after he did that the pain Tripled In pain effect. My guys were swollen and extremely red. Him and another lady doctor was going over what pain medication they would or wouldn't give me directly in my face. He was very aggressive and made me feel rushed and uncomfortable. Trusting my guy I decided to leave. More patients were complaining because they tow were waiting over at least a hour after their scheduled timing. It was pouring down raining when I left and I had to find parking to even get there so I basically wasted money and time. The manager tried to apologize and get me to wait I decided to go home and find another dentist. Upon going to another dentist I was told that the horrible place I went to for my first appointment claimed that they did a lot of work on my teeth and the new appointment person told me that she'd had to clear up the facts before I can be seen. I called my insurance and informed them that they had provided false information in the system and was blocking my appointment to be seen. Then all of a sudden I found out the two dentist offices were affiliated and that the district manager told them to not let me be seen because I was rude when that was a lie I told them how unprofessional they were for having my hopes high and not be able to do nothing for me even after a two hr wait period. She was upset because I called the insurance company and reported it. It's crazy how the new office still seen my som for his appointment that day but denied me. I feel like they visited my health rights and treated me extremely poorly. I'm currently still trying to find a dentist for my solution. I would recommend never even giving them a chance. Honesty and communication is key. And they way you treat someone says a lot about your intentions.

Don Don
a year ago
Don't go here if you love yourself. I had cleaning, it felt like I'm having emergency surgery with a drilling machine in a warzone.

shawnakay muray
a year ago
Look the service can't get any worse than what it is ok and for sure it don't seems like it can get any better you will sit and wait for ever to see a dentist and it's like they don't really care. I sit in this place for 1hr and 10 mins nah never again for the lady at the front desk to tell me that it's only two dentist today and they are trying there best well they should have call the customer and reschedule if someone don't show up that's not my business I will never go back to none of there locations. Please don't go here

Catherine Shepherd
a year ago
I Wish I Could Give Zero Stars. Horrible. I arrived at 10:24, for a 10:30 appointment. Finally at around Noon (1.5 hours later) I was brought in to have my X-Rays taken. About 20 minutes later, I was brought in for meeting with the dentist, Dr Roy. I'm not too sure of how to spell her name. Anyhoo, I mentioned that the dental chair was really uncomfortable, and she stated it was like every other dental chair (other dental practices had much better chairs). Then, after she learned that I have Asthma, Dr. Roy continued to give me a lecture about Asthma and Anxiety. I was not having an anxiety attack. I was positioned in front of a doctor who would not let me speak, and would not let me discuss my dental health. She would not let me speak, so I interrupted her. Then she told me I should not have brought my attitude in from the (1.5 hour wait) waiting room, and refused to give me service. On another note, I did not see them open a clean package of dental equipment (so I just have to assume they take every precaution). I pay $488 a month for health and dental insurance, and I will work very hard to find a different practice. This dental practice is like the dirty McDonalds around the corner, that should probably pump the breaks on scheduling new patients. The front desk lady was lovely, and the X-Ray technician was lovely. The wait was way too long. Dr. Roy was horrible, her assumption that I was going to have an asthma attack was absurd. The main issue (in my opinion) is she would not stop lecturing me about asthma medicine. If she would have quit lecturing me, she would have given me the opportunity to communicate. I use my albuterol when I run 3 miles. NOT WHEN I SIT IN AN UNCOMFORTABLE DENTAL CHAIR. Go elsewhere!!!!! Don't say someone didn't warn you!!!! I understand the Dominion National Kaiser Permanente List so many dentist who that Dominion Covers that work at this practice. This dental practice is horrible. Look at the ratings. Do not make the same mistake that I made. Save your time and money and go elsewhere!!!

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