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Her treatment philosophy is inspired by advice from her father, a physician. On the day she graduated from dental school, he told her, Treat every patient like they are a member of our family. Based on this idea, Dr. Roya developed the Sequential Approach to Familiarize and Engage (SAFE) technique for pediatric dentistry, which encourages your child to become an active participant in their treatment and promotes a positive attitude around their dental care.

Dr. Roya grew up in Philadelphia and completed her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College. After earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Maryland, Dr. Roya went on to complete her residency in pediatric dentistry at New York University.

In addition to working with the growing patients and their families at our bright, fun practice, Dr. Roya is also an active member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Greater Washington Academy of Women Dentists. She is past president of the D.C. Association of Pediatric Dentists and Deans Faculty at University of Maryland.

As a three-time Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) mom, Dr. Pilcher is the founder of The Ava Potter Pilcher Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting positive psycho-social outcomes for families who have an infant in the NICU. Dr. Roya is an avid outdoorswoman and lives with her family and their many animals in a 19th century farmhouse in Maryland. When she isnt taking care of her brood or in her garden, you can find her horseback riding, skiing, hiking or canoeing!

The team at Smile Valley Pediatric Dentistry is changing what it means for families to go to the dentist. Were dedicated to offering exceptional care and stress-free service in a fun, engaging way. We believe when children actually like dental visits, it builds the foundation for lifelong healthy smiles. Get to know the people behind our Spring Valley practice.

Smile Valley Pediatric Dentistry - Pediatric dentist in Washington, DCSmile Valley Pediatric Dentistry - Pediatric dentist in Washington, DCSmile Valley Pediatric Dentistry - Pediatric dentist in Washington, DCSmile Valley Pediatric Dentistry - Pediatric dentist in Washington, DC

At our fun, bright pediatric dental office in Washington, DC, we treat all of our patients like VIPs. Lets work together to give your child the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve. Schedule a visit at Smile Valley Pediatric Dentistry today!

When the child has their third sticker in hand, its time for them to earn the bigger prize, usually a small toy like a rubber ducky. Dr. Roya will ask the child if they want to see our electric toothbrush. Shell turn on the toothbrush so the child can get used to the sound and then let the child feel the toothbrush on their hand. If thats okay, shell demonstrate by brushing a tooth or two.

The child will choose their toothpaste flavor and Dr. Roya will then introduce them to our suction device, Mr. Thirsty. Again, Shell demonstrate the tool on the patients hand, so they can see that it doesnt hurt, and quickly show them how it works in their mouth.

Once the child gives us the go-ahead, the pediatric dentist will perform a gentle but thorough cleaning, all the while encouraging the child, explaining what theyre doing, and giving them pointers on brushing and flossing their own teeth. With their teeth clean, the patient will get to claim their bigger prize.

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