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Chris Coleman
a month ago
Staff and DDS offer exceptional care would highly recommend to anyone seeking dental care.

Irene Conforti
a month ago
Used to love Spa Dental but their quality of service has gone downhill. I have had great experiences in the past so I am hoping my experience doesn't reflect their normal operations. From spamming my text messages to canceling my appointment an hour and a half before it was scheduled, I have had enough. I'll be looking for another dentist but I hope they get back on track for the sake of the patients who need a reliable dentist. They used to be great!

S Khan
3 months ago
So happy I came here for a second opinion! The previous dentist I saw said I needed a root canal on a tooth. I saw one of the dentists here and she said that the tooth has a very deep cavity but it is still possible to fix with a filling. If after the filling there is pain, only then would she recommend a root canal. It has been 3 weeks since the treatment of my deep filling and there is no pain!!! Thank you SPA Dental Group!!!!

3 months ago
This is the worst dental practice I have ever been employed by including various temp offices in the area I've worked for. The problems with this office include, but are not limited to, poor pay, no employee benefits, mismanaged environment, does not meet OSHA regulations/ Violates OSHA regulations, lack of staffing (for obvious reason), unreliable staffing, under equipped Doctors, under experienced Doctors, Medical Malpractices and then having to sit by a Doctor who lies to the patient about what they just experienced, oppressive management style, the manager lacks basic management skills therefor creating a very unstable and uncomfortable environment for a professional to thrive in, the owner does not allow assistants to "wipe" or sterilize dental chairs post procedure in order to preserve the quality of the leather and does not provide adequate disposable barriers. I could continue but I don't feel the need to

Eva Mergner
3 months ago
Dentists and staff are friendly, and I've had no problems with routine cleaning. Would always recommend a second opinion, however, when it comes to major procedures. Staff recommended a root canal and urged me to schedule immediate treatment. Another dentist and endodontist confirmed root canal was not required - glad I checked before scheduling surgery.

Kate Riney
3 months ago
High-quality and efficient dental work sums it up. They fixed a chip on my front tooth and I feel amazing!

Danny Boyd
5 months ago
Spa Dental and Dr. Nguyen always take good care of me. Service is quick and professional with minimal discomfort. Easy to make appointments. Glad I found them.

Nicholas Albanese
5 months ago
Fantastic. Professional, thorough, friendly and generous with their time.

Damali Slowe
5 months ago
I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Patel and all of the support staff. One example of many is that they contacted me on the Monday after filling my cavity simply to make sure that I was still feeling ok.

Wendy H
6 months ago
Updated: I went back for my next annual cleaning. Dr. Nguyen took care of me and the procedure was quick, easy, and professional. Dr. Nguyen was patient with my questions and gave me clear guidance on how to better take care of my tmj. i really enjoyed the experience at SPA dental group! The place is very modern and clean and the staff members were very friendly and professional. SHoutout to Dr. Ben-Ezra for being great! I really appreciate her checking in w her patient during procedures to make sure we are doing ok and she is very experienced and professional! would highly recommend this place!

Duncan Yetman
6 months ago
Incredibly professional & knowledgable staff. Honestly great experience. Very transparent costs which is an ease of mind.

Robert Doranski
6 months ago
New to the city with tooth pains. I found SPA dental nearby via metro. Kind and attentive staff. After surgery, teeth feel great. Thanks.

Agustin Gregorieu
7 months ago
By far Dr. Nguyen has been the best dentist I ever had. The staff is super friendly, and they did a great job with my teeth cleaning. Super recommended.

Aisha Muhammad
8 months ago
Dr. Siddiqui was very professional and thorough in her exam. She asked and answered a number of questions to really understand my dental history as a new client. She has a very calm and clear way of communicating. They do not have hygienist so she does the majority of that task with her assistants doing the less technical components of that task. My only complaint would be too many different assistants handling different tasks. Maybe in general it's efficient organizing in a compartmentalized factory way, but you lose so much on the interpersonal end that way. I had about four different assistants doing different tasks in one visit. I was almost x-rayed twice due to this. Maybe one or two even introduced themselves and acknowledge me by name. Others were less friendly and very happy it was Friday. I think some of the assistants are new to the profession but they would benefit with some interpersonal/bedside manner training or something. I think if they follow the doc's lead they'll be fine. Lastly, when flossing my teeth during the cleaning, the young lady pulled the string through my teeth versus fighting with the string to pull upward. I get that's easier it but I think you get more material out if you pull upwards. Pulling the string through, I don't believe, satisfies the intended purpose.

Hannah Yoo
8 months ago
I enjoyed going here as a patient when I had Met Life insurance. My employer switched insurance carriers to United Concordia, and SPA dental no longer accepted my insurance. Even though on the United Concordia website they are listed as a provider. When I called the office to point this out, they said yes they accept United Concordia but not for new patients. Which I am confused to as to why I would be considered a new patient. Extremely frustrating that I have to find a new dentist because of this and they wouldn't accept my insurance even though they are listed.

Rodney Harrell
8 months ago
Quality dental care

sohrab pasikhani
10 months ago

Jasmine Murga V.
11 months ago
From every angle, this is the best dental practice I've been to in a very long time if not in my whole life. This place just has a different vibration, something that sets it apart from other typical dental practices. I felt so well taken care of. I have honestly zero complaints, Dr. Nguyen is caring, clear, confident in what she's doing and she's s done a great job with my fillings. Thumbs up to the staff too for making the whole experience so smooth!

11 months ago
All of the doctors, hygienists, and admin staff are amazing. Been going here several years and will keep going back.

Jazzmyn Peterson
12 months ago
Honestly the best dental experience I've ever had in my life. The entire staff was extremely kind and attentive, and Dr. Siddiqui is hands down the best dentist I've ever had. Before I even left my appointment I was already recommending them to other people. Just an absolute excellent experience overall!

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