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Tend Dental 14th & U - General dentist in Washington, DC
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Tend Dental 14th & U - General dentist in Washington, DC

Your mouth is in great hands at Tend. We adhere to the highest standard of care, put outcomes over quotas, use state-of-the-art technology, and take care of not just your oral health, but your overall health.

Tend Dental 14th & U - General dentist in Washington, DC


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Matthew C
4 days ago
The staff and dentists are friendly and take the time to answer questions. Unfortunately, that is very much overshadowed by extremely shady business practices. 3 months after my original visit and after I thought I had paid in full, they send me another bill for $400 that more than doubles the cost. They don't even give you a paper or electronic copy of the original quote - they only put it up on a tv screen. I only have it documented because I took a picture with my phone. Apparently the original quote they give you is just an 'estimate'. An estimate that can be off by a factor of 2x. They're able to explain that clearly and succinctly after you already receive services, but they cover that up in fine print until you're already on the hook. 100% intentional and part of the business plan. Even if you don't have these egregious insurance issues, Tend recommends the most expensive treatment options that, according to my friend that is in a post-dental school fellowship, provide marginal benefit and largely aren't worth it.

Jinin Berry
a week ago
Tend feels like a spa meets dentist with how well you're treated. Even without insurance the cost was reasonable and much cheaper than other dentists. I went in for an emergency appointment and got an appt the SAME day! Service was quick and the dentist was helpful and caring. Thank you so much!

Katy Hull
a week ago
I do have a lot of negative associations with going to the dentist and tend to leave any appointment feeling low and strangely violated. Not so with Tend. The atmosphere is low key and very pleasant, but does not feel dripping in fake friendliness, which can also be a turnoff for me when I am feeling fragile. I think I also got very quality care from both the hygeinist and the dentist. Really glad I popped in as I was walking past this weekend and got myself an easy appointment for later in the week.

Claire McGuinness
2 weeks ago
i love tend they're always so nice and easy and the experience is really pleasurable

DJ Gagner
3 weeks ago
Still the same evil dentist experience you can expect elsewhere. It's nice that they have TVs on the ceiling though. Also charged me a $50 fee for an appointment I couldn't make.

Leslie Martin
3 weeks ago
Best experience at the dentist by far. Quick and painless. I felt well cared for.

Kapri Locke
3 weeks ago
Charged $220 for an appointment where they took one look at my mouth and said "oh we can't do anything for you" no cleaning nothing I was back there for only 5 minutes after waiting for 20. This place is a total scam.

Cydni Wolfinger
4 weeks ago
Friendly staff. Beautiful office. My exam and cleaning were very thorough. Overall a wonderful experience.

Jamilla Coleman
4 weeks ago
Tend is a wonderful experience! My entire experience was wonderful, the welcome bar was very welcoming, My hygienist Bijou was very thorough and gentle! Tend has been the best experience I've had at a dental office.

Justin Stuart
4 weeks ago
Seamless experience, provide the best level of service I have ever had in a Dentist and the staff are absolutely incredible!!

4 weeks ago
Great experience! Would highly recommend, especially if covered by your insurance. Friendly staff and a great teeth cleaning.

Aldora Neal
4 weeks ago
The staff at TEND are kind and professional. I think they get that a trip to the dentist is never fun, so they do a good job of making you feeling comfortable and special.

Maya Weiss
2 months ago
Unfortunately my experience with Tend hasn't been as positive as other reviews. Each time I schedule an appointment, I get a text a few days prior saying they need to reschedule on their end because of a "scheduling shift." Super frustrating considering the next available appt is usually over 1 month out. Will no longer be going to Tend for this reason, super inconvenient.

Meredith Munzert
2 months ago
I have a lot of anxiety surrounding going to the dentist, and everyone I encountered at Tend made me feel really welcome. Everyone was kind, and no one shamed me for being nervous. I got a next day appointment for my crown that came out and they were able to fix it right away. Finding a new dentist is always hard for me, and this was a good one!

Rae W. (Rasheeda Williams)
2 months ago
Wonderful experience.

Donald Brinson
3 months ago
Great experience from start to finish.

Basak OH
3 months ago
I had a terrible experience with Tend. TLDR: I came to them in an emergency. Not only did they not correct the issue, they made it worse and then charged me full price for a procedure that I canceled. I had to go to another dentist for the procedure, so ended up paying TWICE! Full story: I went to them on July 5 after a crown fell out since they had a last minute appointment. They installed a temporary one on July 7 and scheduled an appointment for a permanent one on August 4. They assured me that temp would hold, but the temporary fell out on July 8 (one day later!). I went in again for ANOTHER temporary crown (this time to the downtown office) on July 9th. They said they used stronger glue this time, but this one fell out on July 10. At that point I was traveling abroad, so I found another emergency dentist and paid out of pocket to have the permanent procedure done. I called Tend on 7/18 and cancelled my 8/4 procedure. On the phone they said I should expect a refund in 3-5 business days. Then, on 7/19 they left a message saying they had already made the crown (but not acknowledging that I had canceled the appointment). I called to check on the refund on 7/29, 8/5 and 8/12 and was assured it would be coming in 3-5 days. Today I called again to check if I would get my money back, and they said I would have to go into the studio and was unlikely to get a refund since they had already made the crown. Given that their temporary crowns fell out TWICE and I canceled the procedure in a timely manner, that I had to have the procedure done with another dentist in another country, that I have waited on hold with their customer service for weeks in a row trying to get this sorted and now I am going to miss work to go in to negotiate with them IN PERSON, I believe I am owed a full refund.

Seibert Murphy
3 months ago
The staff is professional and courteous. The facility is inviting with all the comforts - nice waiting area, music, etc- of a modern dentist office. The exam area is clean and organized. Staff explains procedures and what to expect. Overall positive experience:)

Burke Romans-Murray
3 months ago
Behind the trendy office and personalized message board, Tend tends to horribly overcharge. I needed to replace a retainer and they offered twice as much as what other orthodontists charge ($450 for one tray when the going rate is between $125-$225). I would not recommend them for anything other than routine cleanings. Kind of a ripoff and I question whether the hygienists had adequate training.

Erica Bosso
3 months ago
Tend is obviously catering to recent graduates with low maintenance teeth issues who are on their own for the first time and are looking for an easy dentist experience. The app is probably where my favorable experience ends. Both times I've been here they have tried to hard sell me on an unnecessary procedure that would cost me $800 out of pocket. Between my first and second visit I sought out a second opinion from a trusted dentist - one who runs a family practice, not a big corporate dentist practice. They told me it was clearly a money grab - Tend is not making money on your free cleaning, they are making money on unnecessary procedures that they can sell to 20 something's who don't know any better. When I went back they questioned my second opinion and doubled down on trying to sell me the procedure. These dentists make major commission on your Invisalign, "necessary" new fillings, retainers, etc. These dentists are only working part time here to cash in on rich kids and they don't have much experience besides dental school. It was my fault for even going back a second time, since I missed the window to cancel without a penalty, but I can promise I won't be going back. They may not have Netflix and your name on a screen, but family dentists are the way to go - they don't answer to a corporation and will be transparent with you about what you actually need.

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