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Tend Dental Downtown - General dentist in Washington, DC
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Tend Dental Downtown - General dentist in Washington, DC

Your mouth is in great hands at Tend. We adhere to the highest standard of care, put outcomes over quotas, use state-of-the-art technology, and take care of not just your oral health, but your overall health.

Tend Dental Downtown - General dentist in Washington, DC


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Matthew C
3 days ago
The staff and dentists are friendly and take the time to answer questions. Unfortunately, that is very much overshadowed by extremely shady business practices. 3 months after my original visit and after I thought I had paid in full, they send me another bill for $400 that more than doubles the cost. They don't even give you a paper or electronic copy of the original quote - they only put it up on a tv screen. I only have it documented because I took a picture with my phone. Apparently the original quote they give you is just an 'estimate'. An estimate that can be off by a factor of 2x. They're able to explain that clearly and succinctly after you already receive services, but they cover that up in fine print until you're already on the hook. 100% intentional and part of the business plan. Even if you don't have these egregious insurance issues, Tend recommends the most expensive treatment options that, according to my friend that is in a post-dental school fellowship, provide marginal benefit and largely aren't worth it.

Ally P (Ally)
3 days ago
Wanted to share my first experience at Tend this morning. If you're looking for a superb boutique experience going to the dentist, look no further! With Tend I had a great first time consultation (xrays, detailed dental photography, dental gum chart assessment, and detailed review of a personal dental plan. Since it is within network with my healthcare provider my contribution is relatively reasonable compared to my previous dentist office, if not cheaper. And it's a one-stop shop with cleaning, whitening, orthodontics, etc. under one roof. I like that it's also a very pristine, clean, and modern, warm environment, with very friendly and knowledgeable staff, and that it felt like healthcare+ treatment that matches this century :) very (elder) millennial friendly! Loved that I could watch a nature show about ocean mammals on the ceiling LCD tv screen while being 'checked out'!

Barbara Straub
4 days ago
Easy check in, staff pleasant. Place is immaculate.

Greg Weiss
7 days ago
Do not go! I moved back and forth between cities and went here before I could get scheduled at my regular dentist. I go every 6 months and my dentist in the prior city said I had no issues and my dentist after tend told me I had no issues. Somehow at tend I was told I had all sorts of issues that would require significant work but were covered by insurance. Fortunately I trusted my intuition. The pleasant and friendly experience is probably why it has good reviews but it is not safe to go here.

Alexandra Farrand
2 weeks ago
Not only did they mess up my root canal so I'm in more pain than before- they've sent me a hefty charge 5 months later after saying it was all taken care of at this point. Trying to get on the phone with their customer service team is a disaster. They won't give you a proper call back line and the wait time is more than 30 mins to try and get someone on the line.

Jessica Church
3 weeks ago
Non-judgmental and kind. They go out of their way to make an unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible.

Alexis Juarez
3 weeks ago
First time here -- lovely service, well explained, great atmosphere and quick service too

Katharine Cusick
4 weeks ago
Staff was so kind, knowledgeable, helpful and professional! Clean, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing facilities; easy to book appointments online. They worked patiently with me when my insurance was giving me issues the day of my appointment and got it sorted so that I could still come in. I will be returning!

Zaida Espada
4 weeks ago
My dentist retired so I decided to give at Tend a chance. They told me my plan covered the majority of the dental work. It was not true. I owe the majority of the payment. I am upset & disappointed. Go else where.

4 weeks ago
HORRIBLE SERVICE. wouldn't let me transfer to a new provider even though the one I'm stuck with "only comes in on tuesdays" and never has any availability. I needed to reschedule because a flight was cancelled and I was unable to make my appointment that day. They pushed me back three weeks for an appointment that was already pushed back later than it should have been, putting my Invisalign two week check in at six weeks. The nubs on my teeth fell off due to poor installation and they still will not see me earlier. Impossible to reach the scheduling person due to their robo call that answers every phone call. Impossible to talk to the same person from the office you need to speak to. DO NOT GO HERE

Justin Pusateri
4 weeks ago
I hate going to the dentist and this is the first time I've ever gone and don't dread going back. From the moment you walk in the door the front desk personnel are very friendly and welcoming. The overall experience is very nice and comforting. The office is very clean. The hygienist and dentist are also super friendly, professional, and communicative. The financial/insurance staff at the end are also super helpful and talk about options, nothing feels like it's being pushed on you or that it's all just to make money, everyone seems more concerned that you're getting proper dental treatment and that you feel comfortable under their care. Highly recommend.

Kevin Taylor
4 weeks ago
Best dental place I've ever been to. 100/10

Crystal Felima
4 weeks ago
I am in DC for a conference and one of my crowns broke while eating (thanks to mumbo wings ). I made a next day emergency appointment and got some composite on my tooth to hold me over until I'm back home. I was in and out in 2 hours. Tend is in my insurance PPO network, so the cost was less than $100 out of pocket. Overall, A+ for the service.

Erica Goodwin
2 months ago
Truly just an all-around incredible experience. Every person I engaged with was thoughtful and kind. I never felt rushed or confused about the work that was being done. The dentist can often be a very stressful (and painful!) experience, but this checkup made me feel confident in my course of action and feeling positive for the road ahead!

2 months ago
Worst service I've ever received in my life. They constantly reschedule my appointments and I've been trying to get a service done since June. They have rescheduled me 6+ times. Sometimes they don't even reschedule they just cancel. Every time I call to check if I even have an appointment or not I have to re-explain to the person on the other end of the phone my situation and many times they have said they will call me back and never do. Absolute nightmare of an experience.

Pooya B
2 months ago
It was a pleasant experience and I look forward to going back!

Natalie Brown
2 months ago
I had a really nice experience when I just had to get a general checkup. I like their modern equipment and the aesthetics of it all. However, I had two cavities filled in March, and one of them STILL hurts to chew on (it's almost September). I went back in to have the Doctor check on it, and he said everything looked good, he didn't see anything wrong with the filling, and that the tenderness would go away within a couple weeks. Now it's September, and it still hurts when I chew on it. I'm finding a new dentist and not trusting these trendy dental spots again, which is unfortunate because I really liked Tend.

Emily Strandquest
2 months ago
While I have had good experience's at the U street location for general cleanings and cavity fills my experience with the orthodontics team at the downtown location for my Breezy Braces treatment has been the opposite. After fully paying for my treatment, scheduling an appointment for application months in advance, and already requesting off work days for the treatment I get a cancelation request less than 2 weeks before my appointment... for no specific reason other than the provider was "busy". The next available appointment was over a month after the original date. Very disappointed that again no specific reason was given and I now have to push back my already paid for treatment with hopes that my original teeth scans still apply. 1/10

Jess Gawrych
3 months ago
I wish I read reviews before coming here. I, too, came here for a routine cleaning only for them to spend an hour talking to me. They did nothing to my teeth, and charged me for it, and told me I needed to come back for a deep cleaning of some sort that would require two separate hour long visits. I was skeptical as I've never had this offered to me before and after reading reviews I'm glad I didn't come back for the deep cleaning. I'm going back to my old dentist instead.

Lily Snyder
3 months ago
Everyone was accommodating, efficient and kind.

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